What is the latest greatest word in isolation footers for amps? stands?

Hello all,

looking for spikes/footers, or the like for a custom made amplifier platform.

they will reside between the platform and the flooring (carpeting ).

the platform is a 3 inch thick arrangement of Black Walnut with four drilld and tapped 1/4 in. 20 threads.

the 2 channel tube amp itself weighs right at 100lbs.

although I am asking for spikes or some sort of metal footer to support the entire unit am open to some other resonance draining/stabelizing solution should there be another path to that end footers alone might not address.

any thoughts here on the items which you have used or are using will be greatly appreciated.

I have not considered setting a budget for these items but I am not looking to take out a loan to acquire them either. consequently, something middle of the road pricewise ought to suffice.

lastly, a very good 3 tier rack is needed as well for a streamer DAC and preamp unless I break out the torch and cut down my Sound Anchor 6 level unit. lol

Many thanks!
floor......concrete or suspended wood? if wood can it be braced?

how much bass energy is involved? full range speakers? subwoofers? do the speakers/subs have any decoupling footers? like to listen loud?

resonance to an amp in a highly dynamic system can be a significant factor in music focus and bass articulation. the solution starts with the floor and speakers.

if you have a suspended wood floor you can’t practically tame, then it’s a process of experimenting as there is no one answer. too many variables. i’d start with mass loading; such as a sand box to provide and impedance layer for the resonance to bleed off. but i’m getting ahead of myself. then there is the WAF and whether it's a dedicated room or a living room.

first things first.

Thanks for those thoughts.

the flooring is wood decking set onto 10 inch floor trusses, ans suspended.

the proposed subs to be used do have their own (optional) iso footers installed

I do not listen regularly to extreme levels. once in a great while perhaps. now and then one needs to "Pour some sugar" on it, or twist the fun knob up with some aC DC " you shook me all night long;'. otherwise nope. usualy the fun button rests on just above conversational levels. 

the flooring is not tops in class but doesn't seem to flex or allow exterior forces to infuse exteraneous reasonances from merely walking about.

FYI.... there will likely be no TT used in the signal chain at all.
GAIA II footers made a much improved sound on my speakers.  Tamed the bass which could sound bloated and brought the sound of the speakers more focused.  It was a lot of money but worth every penny.