X250 Isolation?

Would a Pass Labs X250 benefit from isolation devices or not. As my amp is 110 lbs and is on the bottom shelf of a sand filled rack I'm wondering if isolation devices such as cones or isolation pucks would be a true benefit. I have isolation pucks which I was using under the amp but after experimentation I find the pucks work better for under the isolation rack which my X1 preamp power supply sits on. I could always get brass cones for the preamp power supply and put the isiolation pucks back under the amp but I don't know if it would make much difference due to the weight of the amp. Any thoughts?
Try this little trick, which woeked well on my X-350. The feet on Pass amps are concave, making it ideal for air isolation via high quality racquet balls.
Hi Mitch,

We have not yet found an audio or video component that does not benefit from the proper application of vibration control.

Please remember that the sand filling in your rack only damps the ringing of the metal framework. It does not provide a barrier to the vibration coming up through the rack that is traveling towards the component's feet. The rack framework is rigid (as are cones or pucks) and does not have the ability to dissipate vibration. Any rigid device will send vibration in both directions including up from the floor and into the component.

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Barry Kohan

Disclaimer: I am a manufacturer of vibration control products.
I own Halcro's DM38 and the DM10 preamp. The introduction of the Sistrum products to this, made a REMARKABLE improvement.
Notice, when some people, (including a former incarnation of myself) claim differences, they are simply that, differences, not necessarily improvements.
The sound is clearer, cleaner; staging more specific, more dynamic, deeper bass. Every conceivable improvement you woul hope for.
No Disclaimer: I am NOT a Dealer for vibration control products, and I receive nothing for this testimonial.
What value would testimonials by dealers or manufacturers, offer?
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Having been experimenting a bit I have come to realise that my system does sound quite alot better with the isolation puck devices under my X250. I don't know why as the amp is heavy on it's own but with the isolation devices under it the music is more alive.
As for the Sistrum products I hear they are excellent from many and perhaps one day I will try them but for now I'll leave well enough alone.
Out of curiosity Mitch, what type of devices did you end up with under the Pass? That's a pretty heavy amp and i'm wondering what you found to do the job. Sean
Hi Sean,
I used three pucks that use a ball bearing type design made by Orchard Bay a company in Washingington that machines cones and things. I got them from Stewart at " A Sanctuary Of Sound". He is an Audiogon dealer. They are pretty heavy duty ball bearing devices weighing almost 3 lbs each.I wasn't convinced they had a true effect until I removed them for a few days. Upon returning them back under my amp I regained better sound. I had removed all my isolation devices and added them back slowly one at a time over a period of a week to see what each device did. Eveything made a positive difference to one degree or another.
Thanks for the response. I appreciate your explaining your process too.. Sean