What is wrong with my system?

Hi everyone -

I’m posting here because individually I think my components are all good, but together my system is not making music, rather is is making bright bass less noise. Honestly, I’m thinking it’s no one component, but the matching of components that is causing this issue. I would like to get everyone’s opinion as to what I’m hearing. My components are as follows:

B&W 802D (first generation diamond)
Audioquest bi-wired Indigo speaker cables

Classe CAM-200 monoblock amplifiers
Audioquest Water XLR interconnect

Bryston BP26 preamp
Audioquest Water XLR interconnect

Mark Levinson 5100 cd player (PCM slow minimum phase)

thanks in advance.

Mark Levinson 5100 CD player

Several writers have suggested substituting a vacuum tube preamp.  I would recommend a device based on the 6SN7 such as one of the superb Cary units or Roy Mottram’s Vacuum Tube Audio SP14, which is an excellent bargain.
Some good suggestions and some rather radical suggestions as well.

Do your due diligence and really work on speaker placement.  Mark the location of the speakers before you begin.  You may wish to consult the Cardas Room Setup & Speaker Placement Guide:  Cardas Room Setup Guide
I believe that you will reap great benefits and then tackle some room treatments if need be.  At that point which I hope is successful then you may consider a singular change to dramatically change your sound.
Most folks are suggesting to ditch your SS Preamp and go to a Valve Preamp.  Preamps are a very difficult and critical component to get really right.  Lots of mediocre and very bad preamps to choose from.  Audible Illusions makes sonically good preamps with one caveat.  They don't drive very long interconnects (at least that's what I've read).  The M3B has twin triodes and is a full function pre and has an option for phono boards for low output MC.  It was my second choice but I opted for the Sutherland Engineering N1.   
Take it one step at a time.
About 12 responses ago, the OP added new info that that ML CD player sounded sterile , detailed, but thin.  The Arcam CD player gave a warmer sound with fatter bass.

I currently owned the 802N and my experience was not enough bass like the cheaper pair of B&W 683.  I have a McIntosh C-42 into MC252 at 250 wpc.  The highs and mids are to die for, lots of details, but bass was just thin.  And this is making use of the wall boundaries, etc.  I gave up and just added an old B&W ASW1000 sub, and the sub volume at very minimum, just a tad to fill in the hole and the whole system sounds great now.  Saved me from a lot of stress of trying to tweak the system and not get to enjoy my music with the money I spent.

The Classe amps are supposed to be the best match for those 802's as I read somewhere that they were voiced that way.  I agree with others that the Bryston pre is analytical, and there are no tone controls (?) , so you cannot even boost the bass on some CDs.  

I don't have anything to suggest as there were about 100 suggestions already, but I think I know how you feel, and good luck.  Please post back once you find the working combination!!
Compared to putting in a new major component, such as an amp or preamp, it is relatively easier and less expensive to swap out fuses, interconnects and speaker cables but these latter changes yield little, if any, improvement in SQ.
I would agree with Russ69 a tube preamp will go a long way in creating the sound you are shooting for.  A Cary SLP98 or 05 would be my choice but use your ears.   Then room treatments.   With the room treatments you don't have to get fancy,  plants, flowers and rugs/tapestries go a long way and have a better aesthetic keeping the other half happy.