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I think it is attributed to JimiHendrix  but I know the concept is from milleniums before,  "Knowledge speaks (argues) wisdom listens" In my world  Data is only noise, analyzed and visualized  data becomes information, add experience to informati... 
What is the most important cable in your system
a lot of back and forth, here I am not a engineer but I do know that overall quality in any process is only as good as the weakest element. Goldratt in his Theory of Constraints called them bottlenecks or friction points. So with that as a guide a... 
I have found out why new cables and tweaks actually work!
at least WE can laugh at ourseleves for the holidays  
Are Their any Tube Preamp with Home Theater Bypass?
Looking for advice
i would suggest buy the best Dac you can afford, many devices can be used to stream until you have the additional money to then buy a streamer that is sonicly compatible witht he dac producing  the sound you are after. in the digital world in my o... 
Roger Waters Live Last Night in Glendale,AZ
A significant amount of  great art, be it music, comedy, painting etc. has alway been designed to provoke. Waters, Bruce, Pryor, Goya, Carlin, Picasso, Wagner, Leadbelly,  Da Vinci, Guthrie, Baez, The Staple Singers to name just a few..   Like it... 
When someone tells you it's a $40,000 amp, does it sound better?
Pursuit of the sound you want, for most people comes down to the sound you like at the price you can afford.  with an average household income in the US of 70K less elsewhere 20K amps let alone 40K amps are out of the question.  For those who can ... 
Streaming vs Physical Media
isn't it all in the quality of the components ?  
Best streamer for a returning audio guy
Perhaps it is just me I too have been in this hobby (?) for a long time 1968 to be exact. Unfortunately lost my vinyl in a flood.   That said  I have tested a bunch of low end streamers many mentioned above in this thread and i find thatto my ears... 
Looking for warm tube preamp (should pair well with Pass power amp), budget $6000
for warmth I second either of the Cary SLPs  
Best double live vinyl?
Electric Ladyland Allman Bros. Live at Filmore East Bitches Brew  
Looking for Blues with High Fidelity
"Fathers and sons"   so many top blues men old and young ( Muddy, Otis, Booker T,  Butterfield,Bloomfield, Duck Sam etc) part sudio recording and  part live at the Super Cosmic JoyScout Jamboree at the Adler and Sullivan acoustically perfect " Aud... 
The Best Preamp is no Preamp?
I  have tried the dac direct route in my office system.  In the office I am feeding Emotiva XPA 1 monoblocks which drive an older set of VanL quattros.   I tried my Cary 200T Dac direct and the sound was Ok.  I moved the 200T back to another syste... 
integrated amp on a budget
I will second the reference to Vincent in your price range.  A hybrid integrated that, depending on the source is as good and in some cases better than  many separates.    
Best Integrated that you've heard under $5k
All under 5KDepending on your taste Cary  tube SLI-80 Cary or SS SI-300.2DHybrid Vincent