What is your experience with the Spin Clean?

Mine is it makes absolutely no difference. I'm thinking about returning it.


Funny I started with the spin Clean, Crappy results. Then went to the Vinyl Vac (made home made lazy susan turn table) Happy with my results. Now moved on to a Vevor 6L Ultrasonic Digital "Pro" and the results are Jaw Dropping! All my records that was previously "cleaned" sound Amazing! Honestly after about 20 records there is gunk on the bottom of the tank!! Built it for about 245 bucks all together, just bought the tank and a Wewu 2 record spinner and a variable power supply so it spins much slower. Even used a usb Microscope to see the difference in the grooves. Now if you have deep scratches or groove damage there is nothing you can do. But if you got caked on gunk, spin your records in the bath with the temp on 35C for 15 minutes then Ultrasonic them for 30 minutes you will have better than new records. Even my Brand New Beth Hart double LP hand gunk in the bottom of the tank after cleaning!!  I still use the Vinyl Vac for a Distilled Rinse and Vac dry.

What do you mean that you built it or  245  bucks?

It's not already assembled?


Got the parts separate, instead of a all in one. I shouldn’t of used the word Built. Instead I pieced it out.

My friend made his also. He said he spent under $300 usd. There are U Tube vids on how to make one.

I have one and cleaned about 30 records - mostly used ones from 70s. Not sure how much difference it makes because I don't play them without going through spin disc first, but after cleaning session is done, I see the water is dirty. So cleaning with it made sense and I continue using it.