What is your experience with the Spin Clean?

Mine is it makes absolutely no difference. I'm thinking about returning it.


If you feel it makes no difference, return it.

SP is really just for cleaning superficial dirt on used LP's. It will remove some skips/stitches depending on the degree of damage. Otherwise, it won't perform miracles.

Mine has been in use for over 10 years while I keep saying "I'll get a US this year"

US is the answer if you want to hear a difference.

Get the Humminguru or equivalent for cheap.

I returned my spin clean when I had same results. It really shines the record but not much deep cleaning. Did nothing for static. I finally borrowed a friend's US and that made a big difference.

Sounds like you just need to open the wallet wider, and get a proper cleaning machine.

I try and find GOOD condition, used LP's to start with-that means NO real groove damage which won't be saved by ANY cleaning machine.

With that said, SP serves its purpose for me.

Static can be addressed by the knowledgeable here.

Mine works fine for the money but I dont enjoy using it. I mostly buy new which should be cleaned before use - there is all sorts of crap visible in the water afterwards.

Assume you are using distilled water. The soap refills are stupid money for what is likely a drop of dawn.

I'm not prepared to spend $3-$4K on audiodesk or degritter but the Humminguru looks worth a try for $500

Funny I started with the spin Clean, Crappy results. Then went to the Vinyl Vac (made home made lazy susan turn table) Happy with my results. Now moved on to a Vevor 6L Ultrasonic Digital "Pro" and the results are Jaw Dropping! All my records that was previously "cleaned" sound Amazing! Honestly after about 20 records there is gunk on the bottom of the tank!! Built it for about 245 bucks all together, just bought the tank and a Wewu 2 record spinner and a variable power supply so it spins much slower. Even used a usb Microscope to see the difference in the grooves. Now if you have deep scratches or groove damage there is nothing you can do. But if you got caked on gunk, spin your records in the bath with the temp on 35C for 15 minutes then Ultrasonic them for 30 minutes you will have better than new records. Even my Brand New Beth Hart double LP hand gunk in the bottom of the tank after cleaning!!  I still use the Vinyl Vac for a Distilled Rinse and Vac dry.

What do you mean that you built it or  245  bucks?

It's not already assembled?


Got the parts separate, instead of a all in one. I shouldn’t of used the word Built. Instead I pieced it out.

My friend made his also. He said he spent under $300 usd. There are U Tube vids on how to make one.

I have one and cleaned about 30 records - mostly used ones from 70s. Not sure how much difference it makes because I don't play them without going through spin disc first, but after cleaning session is done, I see the water is dirty. So cleaning with it made sense and I continue using it. 

I'm a little confused.  Can you provide a link for the Vevor 6L Ultrasonic Digital "Pro" ?


Pick up Tergikleen and only use Distilled water, I use 20 drops into 1 gallon jug of distilled water and just top of the Ultrasonic with a little more distilled till it reaches the line. Old LP's that havn't been pre cleaned I do by themselves. My LP's that was "pre cleaned" with the vinyl vac way I do 2 at a time. This is how I do it and it works great for me.  Amazing results.

One last thing,  get yourself a digital meat thermometer, the "Actual" temp on the Ultrasonic is not acurate.  30 degrees Celsius I get great results, its about 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Great tip to obtain an accurate digital thermometer to maintain a safe environment for the vinyl. The ultrasonic cleaning can work great but remember they are not specific for records. Originally they are for cleaning medical or industrial cleaning. 

The transducer reaction to the liquid in the tank temperature can increase too much and harm the record. Even 95 degrees is approaching the safe threshold.

I did research on safe temps for LP Records, 95 degrees is not even close to dangerous temps.   I researched the crap out of this before purchase.

A friendly for example"

A typical vinyl (PVC) record can start warping due to heat at a temperature of 140°F (60°C) and can melt at temperatures exceeding 212°F (100°C). Other factors, such as humidity, sunlight exposure, and improper storage, can drastically impact the resilience of a record.

Keep the SpinClean. It's great for pre-cleaning before the ultrasonic cycle and for rinsing after the ultrasonic cycle. 

I agree with noromance or pickup the vinyl vac and a small 1.5-2HP small wet/dry vac for Pre clean or Vac Dry, it's nice to vacuum up the wet cleaned record and then rinse with distilled water and then vac dry. 


Check the i sonic ultra sonic cleaner on Amazon.  I've used a similar machines for several years.  Very satisfied.  Around $800

I had a spin queen. I couldn’t believe how loud it was(110dB)  on top of not doing a really great job. 
I bought a Humminguru. 500 bucks. Does a good job for 500 bucks. You can spin it a couple of times and it does just as good as for a job as $3000 unit according to some reviews. I wouldn’t know I don’t have $3000 to spend on a record cleaner




I loved my spin clean. It did a good job but was a lot of manual work. You could really see that it was cleaning by how the water looked. I still have it for pre cleaning really dirty records. I upgraded to an Audiodeske System cleaner and I must say that it beats the spin clean hands down. With the audiodeske you can hear the difference. It’s really amazing..

I received a Spin Clean at Christmas.  I've done two batches of cleaning since then following the instructions in the box.  I heard no difference on records that I'd bought new, but I did hear some improvement on records I'd bought used and those I'd "ínherited" from others.   I habitually use a Decca brush on the record before playing, so maybe my new records haven't accumulated much debris. 

As for static, the drying process adds static: I can see hairs or fibres attach themselves to the record after it's been wiped dry.    I haven't tried air drying.  I use a Zerostat sometimes (more regularly now) and I can hear the difference that it makes.  

I enjoy listening to my records, but I wouldn't consider myself a sophisticated listener.   I'm sure others would hear features I don't (or can't -- my ears are 65 years old ;-) ).

I'll continue to use the Spin Clean on my used and inherited records, but I may not use it on the records I bought new. 

The Pro-Ject VCU-ALU is my current choice. 

Because it does a good job in general. 
I’m not a bin diver, so seldom need US cleaning. 
When a recent purchase rated as NM, came as a poor condition record, the softer brushes were not adequate. 
So, with warmed solution and a toothbrush, and a final clean with with the normal application, vacuum, it became acceptable. 

ya can’t repair damaged grooves with *anything* 🤣

So and $80 spin clean isn't as good as an $800 cleaner??? Wow. you don't get that kind of info just anywhere.

Spin Clean is the best record cleaner out there short of an Ultrasonic cleaner.  I have both but have used the Spin Clean for many years with good results.  

@jjbeason14 Unless SC has changed/updated their design, I believe they still use cleaning pads (i.e.  microfiber pads, if I remember correctly). I've never used a SC. However, I have a Knosti Disco Antistat, which is basically the German version of a SC for around the same or a little less money. The Knosti uses camel hair cleaning brushes that get down deeper into the record grooves than microfiber pads can. I believe this is more effective. The newer Knosti model now has a handle to rotate the records with and replaceable camel hair cleaning brushes. I sincerely doubt these brushes will ever need to be replaced, unless you plan on cleaning a million records or something. It also looks like the new Knosti model comes with a better cleaning solution, as well. I use the Knosti for pre-cleaning records before running them through my US cleaner and also for a final rinse after US cleaning. The cleaning solution makes a significant difference. If you want to learn more about record cleaning, check out the latest edition of "Precision Aqueous Cleaning of Records" by Neil Antin in the Vinyl Press. If you are interested in getting into US cleaning without spending an arm & a leg on something like the Degritter or something similar, check out the CleanerVinyl ultrasonic record cleaning site. I would also recommend you check out The Last Factory website and consider using LAST record preservative after your records have been efficiently cleaned. Of course, proper care & storage of your records are very important, as well as keeping your TT stylus clean, etc. 

I can't understand how some people are having good results with the SC.

There is no difference in my experience, I mean Zero.


I’ve been using a Spin Clean/Vacuum machine tag team method for years: Spin clean several rotations in both directions, then right onto the vacuum machine to suck the cleaning fluid off the surface of the record. The dirt that gathers in the bottom of the SC reservoir shows me what was on the records prior to the cleaning. It gets Really gross… and this from visually “clean” used, AND brand new records! I clean every record I buy before I play it. I’m not claiming it’s the end all cleaner, I’m just saying it does work. And it was like $80 bucks (plus the Nitty Gritty 1.5, which I bought used for another $100.)

Had a SpinClean. Used it. Not impressed. Now I have a VPI HW-16.5 and I’m finally impressed. 

Not impressed either. It is a PITA and you can not play the record right away. You have to place them in a rack to dry. The towels never dry the record all the way.

Ultrasonic cleaners are a PITA in general. You have to get a suction record cleaning machine in addition to dry the record correctly. Fan drying is a terrible idea. You evaporate the water and leave everything else on the record. The AudioDesk has frequent reliability issues and Kirmuss is a space shot. You NEVER want to reuse whatever fluid you are using. Each cleaning you want fresh fluid.

The Clearaudio Double Matrix Sonic Pro is currently the best record cleaning device made. It is over built in the extreme. It does both sides at the same time. It not only uses fresh fluid every cleaning but it does so three times during each cycle! It thoroughly vacuum dries each side at the same time leaving the record bone dry and ready to play. It is fast. A regular cleaning cycle takes 3 minutes or so. It is not all that quiet. In vacuum mode it sounds like a vacuum cleaner but, when the vacuum cleaner stops you know the record is ready. Every twenty records or so you have to empty the waste tank and refill the fluid tank which for me adds up to once a week if that. I got it for all of the above reasons and am extremely happy with the purchase.   

I have a Spin Clean and like it.  I use it for swap meet/yard sale records and think it does a pretty good job of getting the gunk out.  IMO, it makes no sense to use on new records, though.  In that case I wouldn't expect a Spin Clean to make any sonic difference which might explain some previous responses.


                       You wouldn't believe the gunk on the bottom of my Ultrasonic tank after cleaning 3 brand new albums, Amy Winehouse, Beth Hart, Chris Cornell, they are all double albums but just after those there was a ton of gunk!! It was shocking!!!  These record making plants are not clean!  I wonder if they use some kind of releasing agents or something?

I’ve used the SC for several years.  Is the best cleaner-no.  For the money it does a fair job.  All you have to do is look down in the bottom of the well after you’ve cleaned 20 albums.

I returned the Spin Clean.

Thinking about picking up the Humminguru US.

Anyone have any experience with it?

You can put together a DIY ultrasonic for far less than the price of the Humminguru, but that will not dry your LP’s as does the HG, and no water filter. And there is an ultrasonic listed on Amazon at a price of $220, a 6L US tank with an LP spinner attached. Again, no drying function or filter.

By the way: the price of the Humminguru on Amazon went up $50 in the past few days, now selling for $549.

@jjbeason14: The price of buying directly from Humminguru is a little over $400 (including shipping). You can include a replacement pack of water filters & rubber pinch rollers, and/or a second water "tank" in your order, saving on shipping costs in the future.

This is good!

Thanks BD.

I just checked the Humminguru site and they have 2 models with different prices.

Which one would you recommend? 



Read carefully, HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner,

HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner 
Regular price $376.00 USD

HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner Bundle with 7" + 10" Record Adapters 
Regular price$426.00 USD

If you buy the HG, recommend you get a spare tank for a rinse step - HumminGuru HG01 Water Tank | Record Cleaner | Ultrasonic Cleaner | RCM