What is your most beautiful component?

Sound qualities set aside... What is the most beautiful component in your system. If you can please provide links to a picture of it. For me it is my Basis 1400 turntable. This turntable is a piece of art. Unfortunately, I cannot find Basis' home page.
My recently aquired Jadis Orchestra Reference .
Currently close second is the Transrotor SIRIUS turntable, third the Jadis Phonostage DPMC.
I am looking at near future aquisition candidates: La Luce SpJ TT, Transrotor Orfeo TT or Clearaudio Maximum Solution TT.

JOR still may remain the most beautiful..... Will report back soon!!
Has to be my vinatge Yamaha CR-1020 or Pioneer SX-727.

Drop dead gorgeous.

My Odyssey Loreleis in stunning dark red Canadian cherry, which come without grills with Scanspeak drivers and WBT platinum binding posts