What is your opinion for MIT850 shotgun?

Recently, I had just bought a pair of MIT MH850 EVO shotgun to match with Avalon Eidolon, JeffRowland 8Ti, and pre-amp MBL6010c. But I had the problem of the bass too loose, focus not obvious,and too warm. Can anyone share with me your experiences? Thanks!
Hi Hifi, What you hear with the MIT850 is the same thing I hear. There are many who like the MIT but my experience with it is as exactly the same as yours. I gave my MIT stuff to my son. He loves it.
If your ears don't like the sound, you may ditch the MIT cables with this mix of equipment... Try some of the higher-end AudioQuest, Transparent Audio or Cardas.... Anything MIT may be too laid back with your system and the Eidolons will immediately let you know this. BTW -- If your Eidolons are not broken in yet, or have not been run in a while, or disconnected for more than a day or two, wait 300 to 500 hours before trying other cables. These speakers take forever to become stable. I had a horrible time with break-in.... but now, I think these are one of the finer speaker sets available.
Hi-Fi, I find your observations the opposite of mine except for the warm part. I just purchased a pair of 770 Reference 2 tube cables and found an improvement on image focus and air, soundstaging, timbre accuracy and BASS definition (that's right) and the highs were more relaxed and natural without any loss of detail. I am at a loss as to the differences we hear but every cable I have tried up till now sounded too bright on top. I am now absolutely delighted with the sound and rate this upgrade among the 2 best in my system over the past year. It must be system matching. Maybe the differences in our systems?
i also own eidolons that i run with a rowland 8ti. IMO and experience, the mit wire is among the very worst you could use with these components. i recommend you try cardas neutral reference, tara (the two, one or zero) or fim gold. nbs monitor2, or better, is also very nice, tho, IMO, way overpriced. the mit may tame the brightness of the mbl but not in combination with the rowland. (BTW, how did you come up with this combination? i know noone else with such electronics combo driving eidolons.)