what kind of discount on demo speakers?

what kind of discount should i expect, or look for on a set of demo speakers with full warentee and on small ding on one of the cabinets? retail is 4k on the pair?

thank you for your time
If you truly will have the original full warranty, I also doubt you'd be able to get away with only 2000. Generally speaking, I think 30-35% off is more realistic, and a 40% discount would be a great deal. On the other hand, the discounting potential can vary considerably depending on the manufacturer. I know of one speaker line (the TAD inspired Pioneer EX) that is very heavily discounted (35% off) brand new with full warranty. And they sure aren't junk. I've heard them, and they are excellent. So if I was buying a Pioneer EX demo, I would expect 45-50% off in such a case.
It all depends on how desirable the speakers are (the more in demand and more difficult to find used/demo, the more you will pay); how much the margin the dealer has on the speakers as new (the higher the margin, the more the dealer can discount); and finally, how much/little of a margin is the dealer willing to work with.
Too little is known for me or anyone to really say now that I thought it over. 40% could be dead on or dead wrong.
As everyone has said, there's a lot of variables here, which makes it very hard to say from afar. If we knew what speaker was at issue, it would be easier to advise.

That said, I shoot for 60% of MSRP for used gear in good condition (although one can do better on large hard to ship speakers). I recently did this well for a desirable "demo" amp that was as new.

On the wider market, including used, you can get likely find the same item, or a comparably good, or better, item, for $2500 (*lots* of good speaker options in this price category.)

Anything more than 2500, and you are paying extra for the security and support of dealing with a dealer (presuming they provide such support). That's worth something: how much is it worth to you? If it were me, if the price is much over 2500, I'd be inclined to shop carefully, unless it was *exactly* the speaker I wanted, or I really felt good about the dealer.

The real question is, what's the best speaker for you for the money you can spend, not what you've saved over MSRP.