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Anybody have Experience with Alta Audio Alyssa Speaker
@soix    It was hooked up to Luxman M900u and C900u with a good analog turntable (can't remember which one). Usually, they are spot on in their setup, but you never know for sure when you listen to something at a dealer.  
Anybody have Experience with Alta Audio Alyssa Speaker
I listened to Alta Audio Alyssa at an audio dealer (that I highly respect). I found them thick sounding... too much mid-bass for my liking. I guess some would find that engaging, but I found it distracting.  
Budget preamp with quality volume control
If you are satisfied with the output from your DAC, just need to be able to reduce it, then a passive preamp might be the ticker. I'm using a Khozmo Acoustic preamp, 3 inputs, an outstanding volume control (i'm using the shut+z-foil), extremely t... 
Low Powered Tube Amp Distorting High Efficiency Speakers?
Is it truly that you are overloading the speakers or could it be the source is too high output for the Level input? You might very well need a certain volume out before this becomes clear.  
Magnapan LRS+ VS .7
20" from the back wall isn't going to be enough I'm afraid... you need to get them out another foot at least. Although I liked the .7 much better than the LRS+ (and better than the 1.7i!), I think in your space anything larger than the LRS+ will b... 
Triode Wire Labs or NRG Custom The Five for my 300b SET tube amp?
Multiple bikes, but my main road bike is a Ventum NS1 with full Campy Super Record EPS, ENVE AR4.5's, Quarq power meter (with Absolute Black chain rings). My wife's main bike is a custom Parlee that she's had for years. A whopping sub 13lbs with 5... 
Triode Wire Labs or NRG Custom The Five for my 300b SET tube amp?
@jambaj0e I completely get it. Being a cyclist (and duathlete) myself as well as my wife being a cyclist (and triathlete), I know how expensive that hobby is. We have way more in bikes than I do in my audio.   You can find a used Cardas Beyond C... 
Adding an Sub that doesn't go well below speakers?
You would need something like a S510 or better yet S812's to blend with those speakers. I'm using S812's with my Zu Audio Omen Def Supreme, but used them before that with Wilson Watt Puppy 8's. They definitely add a lot of dimensionality to the so... 
Triode Wire Labs or NRG Custom The Five for my 300b SET tube amp?
I've been using Cardas Clear Beyond for my Coincident Frankenstein 300b's. Really made a noticeable different in the clarity of the soundstage, as well as depth and height. Just more organic than the OEM power cords.  
Passive preamp
One of the finest passive preamps that I've found is Khozmo Acoustics. The shunt-zfoil volume control is superb. Only limitation is 3 inputs only (which is one more than I use, so not a limitation in my case).   Very reasonably priced as well!  
Passive preamp
Passive preamps can sound amazing, but it takes much more care in component matching. You can in essence relying on the output of your source (in my case, my DAC) to drive the amp (in my case Coincident Frankstein 300b). If the input sensitivity o... 
Pass Labs xa-25 vs FW J2
They sound quite different... the XA25 is more transparent and accurate, whereas the J2 has more romantic bloom. Neither is one wrong, just two different "flavors". I definitely preferred the J2 when I listened to them. Sound more like live music... 
Klipsch Cornwall IV and Luxman Integrated
It sounds fantastic! Stick with a class A, 550 or 590, both will have more power than you’ll ever need  
In my case, Khomzo passive (64 step shunt)  
the big one: how do you choose speakers? By what features, data?
The only measurements that I find of any value is the impedance the phase angle. A flat impedance curve with minimal phase shift makes for a very easy load, opening up all kind of opportunities with amplification (think single ended triods for exa...