What kind of UPS collect experience is out there?

Some time ago I sold a pair of speakers to a fellow in SF, CA and he wanted to do UPS collect. It took UPS 40 days to get the money from CA to Wash. State. Recently, I sold an amp to a fellow in NY and he wanted to do UPS collect. This time it took them 27 days to get payment from NY to me in Washington. Any similar experiences?
FedEx sends your customers payment to you via overnight express.

The only negative about FedEx or UPS is there is no guarantee the check is not counterfeit. Your safe with known Audiogon members, but scammers will find their way into our fold, just as they have at Ebay.

FedEx can be instructed to collect "cash only" for an additional fee. I think the last time I required cash, FedEx collected and issued me a company check. I had no problem with that, I know FedEx's check is good :^).
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Elizabeth wrote:
"Sometimes I think buyers want "collect' payment so they have time to find the cash they do not have when the say they will buy it."

Yeah, and sometimes the buyer is concerned that he has sent a complete stranger a wad of cash with only a promise to ship the paid for goods. It all comes down to trust and honesty. *Most* folks are honest, especially Audiogoners. I have yet to get burned by an Agoner, and I sure hope it never happens. Now FleaBay, that's a whole 'nother ballgame...