What order and what do I plug everything into

Hello Everyone,
This is my first post and I am looking for some help. I just bought a:

Home Theater Automatic Voltage Stabilizer AVS 2000



Home Theater Reference HTPS 7000 MKII PowerSource with Dual Balanced Pure Power™ and Clean Power™ Stage 5



Monster Home Theater® Signature Series™ Music Reference Five Channel Power Amplifier


I was wondering what is the best to plug into each other. I also have my cable settop box, Onkyo receiver, sony blu-ray player and 58" samsung plasma. I am sorry if this has been discussed in the past but I could not find anything in my search.

The order I thought was plug everything except my amp into my power conditioner and plug my power conditioner into the voltage stabilizer. I was then going to plug the amp into my voltage stabilizer. Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks for your help
Sounds good. Try the amp plugged into the power conditioner and directly into the wall and compare with into the voltage stabilizer. Go with what sounds best to you. It will also be a learning experience. Have Fun!

Here is another suggestion. You could have done all this in one unit with a PS Audio Power Plant Premier. They are sold here at great prices...
Thanks for the response joey!! Anyone else have something they would like to add.