What power cord should I get for my front end?

I am rebuilding a new SET Stereo system and will be using a highly modified Tascam CD Player from Decware as the source,with class A Tube Output and tube power supply with dual attentuators and a IEC 15 amp receptacle so I can swap out power cords. The cd player fully moded is about $1,200.00 new and I really don't want to go any higher then $300.00 used for a power cord. Any suggestions. I am told PS Audio makes some good stuff.
To Steakster and Psacanli:

Steakster you said that "then, i tried a pair of heavily shielded power cords on..."
What brand and model power cord was this?

Psacanli, what brand and model of MIT would you recommend for a denon cd player?

To Everyone,
I have a Denon 3930ci (cd/dvd player source) and it is difficult to find a power cord that does not sound harsh on it. It is being powered with a Rotel RSX 1065 av receiver. Your Suggestions will be very much appreciated.........................
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I have used a number of MIT p/c's on my Lexicon RT-20. The further up the line the better the sound gets with a good player, which I believe your Denon is. I have obtaines a surprisingly refined sound from the RT-20 using the MIT products in my Spectral system.
I suggest looking for the best bargain available from the Shotgun AC1 and up. You will gain experience with MIT and be able to sell & buy up as the next deal comes available. If you simply want to "jump in" then I would look for a used Oracle AC3, a simple non networked cord which is exceptional for any component.
If your player sounds harsh I suggest you also try some conditioning and isolation for it. I found used MIT products excellent value. Perhaps the AC power to your setup is needing power conditioning.
the flavor 4 is a good choice in your budget range. i used the flavor 4 with the furutech gold terminations with a tube dac and a tube integrated and liked them. if you can spend a little more, the kaplan he provides more presence and body than the flavor 4's.