What pre amp matches the McCormack DNA 0.5

I am think ing of getting the McCormack DNa 0.5. What pre am matches this amp?

McCormack makes its amps to match passive preamps.
Since McCormack makes good and inexpencive passive premps such as Line Drive and TLC they will certainly match.
You can go for more expencive models such as AudioSynthesis or Placette.
Any preamp will work well and the amp will takes on its sound. I have personally found the Audible Illusions preamps to work extremely well with this amp (L-1 or M3A) It warms the slightly lean sound of the .5 up a bit without sacrificing clarity or bass performance.
If you have a higher output source component, the McCormack TLC-1 passive line stage works well but I prefer the added drive of the AI.
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I had good luck with a BAT VK3i, which has an optional remote. Good option if you want tubes.
TLC and AudioSynthesis come with remote control. Placette has it optional and extra $$.
Passive is better than tubes and ss together IMO if possible and in your case you won't need any active one.
I recently paired 2 DNA 0.5 dlx's with a VTL 2.5 and am quite please with the sound. The high gain of the 0.5's is not problem at all with this particular pre-amp.
I'm pairing my DNA-1 deluxe with a Conrad Johnson PV10. The system isn't all together yet, so I can't tell you personnally how great it is, but I've seen a lot of support for this Tube-pre and SS-amp combo on A'gon threads. Something to consider.
I run a DNA-1 with a PV10al & absolutely love it. When I do upgrade it will only be to another CJ pre-amp. I can't imagine getting rid of the DNA anytime soon.
I've had the best luck with Spectral. The DMC 12, 20 and 15 all worked well. I listened to passive contral, as well as audio research and Spectral was the best fit
Ditto Bigtee's comments on the AI. I had the deluxe model and paired it with an Audible Illusions Modulus 3 for quite afew years. Nice sounding combo.