What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report

I enjoy vinyl and digital (lately, with recent changes, vinyl actually sounds better than digital to me), BUT given what seems an overall preference for analog/vinyl on A'gon, I'm curious what the non-vinyl "1/2" is listening to. I tried to see if this was a previously posted question. Did not seem so.

This evening for me, it's Genesis (definitive edition remaster) "A Trick of the Tail".


The Meters - self titled

Watched Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown last night and Cissy Strut got me in the mood!

Richard Strauss’ Alpine Symphony with the Vienna Phil conducted by Christian Zimmerman on DGG. Okay, it’s actually an SACD with no CD layer. A sterling performance, with about as good a quality sound as Deutsche Grammophon can muster.

Many years ago I was watching a documentary (possibly on Yellowstone), the background music was beautiful. I deep dived and found the artist and CD: Voices on the Wind. Beth and Cindi; Wild Roses 1994

I haven't played it in years. Really lovely music a mix of similar sounds as Kater and Naki and maybe a bit John Denver