What's Next After a Modified CD Player?

I want to use this as a discussion and not a dissing session. Many of us have been or are using a Stan Warren modified CD player. I am interested to learn what you have compared it to and what were your impressions. What is in the rest of your system? How may of you still use it (as your main CD player) and how many have moved along the food chain? What have you switch to and why? Many thanks!
I have a Stan Pioneer DV-333 DVD player. I use it in my secondary home office system. When I originally got it, it was in my main system.

I have compared it directly with a lot of CD players. It can hold its own against most under $2K CD players (and some better ones). Big dollar players over $2K that beat the Pioneer seemed to me to have more authority in the bass without losing clarity and focus.

This is where the Stan DV-333 gets some negative remarks. Many feel it is a little light in the bass. My long-term listening reveals that the bass is there. Since the bass is so much more focused and detailed in the DV-333, than in a budget CD player, it obviously sounds lighter. Many under $2K players I have listened to that have more bass than Stan's machine, have bass that is more diffused/scattered (boomy).

As I stated at the beginning, the big dollar machines give you more bass than Stan's DV-333 without losing that detail and focus. You do get what you pay for in those machines. But for the $425 I paid brand new for the player and Stan's mods (including shipping both ways), who am I to complain? I recommend that a plastic zipper bag with 5 lbs of lead shot be placed on top of the DV-333. Sand is also OK in a pinch, but lead shot seems to work better.

I have also done extensive listening to Stan's modded Aiwa Changer / MSB Link DAC setup; with an upgrade power supply like the MSB P1000 or Monolithic. This setup does give the big dollar machines a run for their money for a fraction of the cost of those big dollar machines.