What’s on your RtR deck today ?

Shannon Curtis - Live at Carco Theatre Renton, WA 2016

half track high speed IEC EQ 

I just bought a wholesale lot of pre recorded tapes off the Bay.
Seller states were all recorded on a Teac 3300sx.

Now I know that best results are supposed to be had by playback on same machine were recorded on but we will see.

If they do not sound good back on the Bay they will go as I paid peanuts for them in reality.

Will report back.....
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@uberwaltz the only way to know is to play them !!! Lots of variables but why worry if the were affordable... I would pay attention to the condition of the oxides, look for sluffing, etc...
maybe use an inexpensive deck to repack them a few times... clean tape path !!!
i await your thoughts !!!

Not really worried, which is why I bought them... Lol.

Only have one working r2r right now so that will have to do!

I think due to be delivered tomorrow.

Rest of my reels are music I have recorded from Quboz streaming in hires.
Finally home and trying out the tapes I bought.

First up 

On the Threshold of a Dream ... The Moody Blues.
33/4 speed and the level is a bit on the low side and if the box is correct tape brand is Scotch.

Sounds good and clean although a little lacking in ultimate detail.

But it is first up so who knows what the rest may sound like.
Followed up with another tape just labelled Nantucket sleigh ride and Mountain.

Fair bit better SQ all round.

Visiting my LRS tomorrow as I know he has a few genuine r2r tapes that I would like to try against my home brewed ones.