What's the best buy for 2nd hand at 200 USD?

Hello there experienced hifi-dinosaurs. I am a student with limited funds and a love of vinyl, and I'm looking to replace my old sony turntable. In case it matters, I own a marantz receiver, i think it's a NR1403, and Boston BA25 bookshelf speakers. I want to try and make my collection of 70s records sound good without paying too much for a lack of knowledge. Any advice would be very much appreciated.
wow...$200 is a TOUGH area to find a great sounding turntable...BUT not Impossible. There are a couple turntables by a company called DUAL look for these on EBAY. They are a German made Belt driven and Reliable if in good working / refirbished condition. Thats if you want something CLASSIC. NEW..I would not even go there....YOU will find a MUCH better table for your 200 used ,than anything NEW. SO with that in mind scour the planet on E-bay for a classic Pioneer or Dual in good working condition with cartridge. Have fun hunting. (I bought a Dual TT for $80 with no Dust cover and the Auto function dosent work.But It plays fine manualy and it sounds great.These TT sell for $350 In great condition with all parts and everything works.
I'd add Technics turntables to your list. They had model(s) with b/i phono amp. A little internet research will give you advice on which models to look for. Of course then there's the all-important issue of what cartridge/phono amp to buy for your Technics TT. Technics did make an affordable TT with b/i phono amp (c:
Where are you located? Several people I know locally have decent tables in your price range but prob. won't ship.
There's at least one Thorens on ebay right now in your price range that could work for you. If you're not opposed to direct drive, there are some really cheap Denon TTs on ebay. I had one for years that was a workhorse and sounded good (on my college system anyway). Spend the extra money on a new cartridge.

Also concur with the Dual recommendation. My friend had one for years that I liked.
Try a Sony PS-X7. There is one listed on Ebay and you could make an offer. I just sold mine for $200 and the cover was not cracked. This is a surprisingly good TT. You can read some reviews on Vinyl Engine, AudioKarma, etc.