What's up with the 'Piano' gloss????

Forgive me if I'm just totally ignorant as to the inner workings of style. But why in the world has this super high gloss finish come to symbolize higher quality? I'm a wood worker, furniture builder, and a man who enjoys the joys of higher fidelity and I can't for the life of me imagine why anyone would want some crazy, super-shiny, impossible to keep finish in their listening rooms, much less their home. Am I alone? Please say it ain't so. That is all.
I think speakers look great with a piano gloss finish.
However, I prefer my pianos' to have a nice wood veneer, like a a Quilted Big Leaf Maple.

Jab, I haven't seen too many speakers covered in formica. I think you mean vinyl wrap.
I have a pair of Verity Audio Fidelio's. I saw and demoed a pair in high gloss black-----then I saw a pair in the makore wood finish which is a big $$$$ upgrade. They are to die for in the makore finish. I guess black is good if you like the modern look, but I could not pass on that knock out wood high gloss finish that Verity does. To each his or her own--it's really about the sound they reproduce-----------
As stated above; black is a color that is easiest to integrate into your average household. Growing up, I always associated gloss black with something expensive or of high quality. While that is certainly not a golden rule, I don't believe I am part of the minority in that respect.

When done right, piano gloss can look fantastic and compliment many rooms well - adding a touch of 'class' or maturity. Naturally, it is an absolute pain in the rear to keep clean. Finger prints, Dust, small marks - oh my!

While I tend to favor natural wood tones; I am unashamed to admit that I enjoy piano gloss!