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Plinius 8200 mk2, really low volume!!
I figured it out, I have never owned a cart with a replaceable stylus before--it wasn't fully snapped into place!!!! thanks everyone, once I did that the system sounds very nice. 
Best Shipping company For Speakers
Craters and Freighters 
Where can I get my Audio Aero Capitole CDP repaired
Kevin thanks very much for the info! Czaivey what the fuck is your problem? 
Which of these 4 Phono Pre you'dl choose?
I had the Musical Surroundings Nova a few years ago and I must agree it is an outstanding unit and dead quiet. I upgraded to ASR Exclusive, and yes it does bring more to the table, but it should for the price difference! I don't think you can go w... 
Wilson Sophia 2
Buy them and don't look back. I have owned a bunch of speakers, Verity Audio, Sonus Faber, Aerials, Revel etc and I bought a pair if Sophia 2's and love them. They do everything very well even at low listening levels. They replaced a pair of Watt ... 
Ayre V-5xe pops off/Manley Shrimp
Thanks guys for all the ideas. Here is what is happening now/update. First I power up the pre first. The amp was boxed for six months or so. I have had the amp in stand by mode for 3 days now and the very faint hum i heard is gone and when I power... 
Pictures for an ad
Always makes me question how well the item has been cared for overall. 
Hum coming through speakers via Bat 300X
Problem solved! It was the CDP, installed cheater plug----dead quiet. All is right with the world again, almost. Thanks again everyone. 
Hum coming through speakers via Bat 300X
Thanks again everyone for sharing, point well taken! POWER DOWN!!!!!!!!! 
Hum coming through speakers via Bat 300X
Thanks for the info, I will try this tonight when I get home. One question, why do i need to turn off the Bat every time I disconnect/reconnect?? 
MBL 8011AM need your help ......
I have the same pair I purchased from a dealer about a year ago. I keep them fully powered on all the time as I read this was the thing to do. I have never had them power down on there own nor do I think you can program them to do so. I am going t... 
Tone arm bounces
Thanks for all the feedback. I do have a record clamp and I have checked The weight, all seems to be good. Frustrated!!!!!!!!!!! 
Tone arm bounces
It's a Clearaudio Turntable with a very nice Clearudio Cart so I think the table and cart are compatible. Stradivari 2 is the cart. Its driving me crazy. Like I said, low to med volume it plays and sounds very, very nice. I get the volume any wher... 
Best Live Album Ever...
Allman Brothers Live at FillmoreSantana MoonflowerDire Straights Alchemy LiveJeff Beck Live at Ronnie ShotsDavid Gilmore Live in Gdansk 
Which power amplifier match audio research ref 3
I would suggest a ss amp to go with this pre. When I had a Ref 3 I used it with a Hovland Radia and it was fantastic. As always, system synergy is the main issue.