What's your favorite lyric from a song?

Just curious what stays with people...
"And when my life is over, remember when we were together.
We were alone, and now I'm singing this song for you." --Leon Russell
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Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies, tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit, I. -Pink Floyd, Learning to Fly
Chocolate on my fingers, icing on my lips
Sugar diabetes and blubber on my hips
I keep the night light burning in the kitchen baby
So I can go downstairs and cruise
I got them oreo creme sandwich
Chocolate covered creme filled cookie blues

-Lonnie Mack 'Oreo Cookie Blues'
For lyrics, mine is bruce springsteen's "the river". There are clever lines throughout the song but this section is my favorite: "Now all them things that seemed so important, Well mister they vanished right into the air.
Now I just act like I dont remember, mary acts like she dont care. But I remember us riding in my brothers car
Her body tan and wet down at the reservoir. At night on them banks Id lie awake, And pull her close just to feel each breath she'd take. Now those memories come back to haunt me, they haunt me like a curse. Is a dream a lie if it dont come true, Or is it something worse...that sends me
Down to the river though I know the river is dry
Down to the river, my baby and i
Oh down to the river we ride..."