What's your favorite lyric from a song?

Just curious what stays with people...

Alifib by Robert Wyatt


No nit not
Nit no not
Nit nit folly bololey
Alife my larder
Alife my larder


I read that the snooker player Steve Davis recommended that Rock Bottom was album was everyone should listen to, and he wasn't the only one, so eventually I did.

Once heard, you'll know why it's called Rock Bottom.


" to find you're wrong whenever you're right is good for you"

BAND 801

ALBUM  Listen now

SONG  That falling feeling


I have no idea, I'm never wrong.!

IMHO, An enlighitening experience , If you realize that a position that you've held for a long period of time turns out to be incorrect.


I was actually asking cd318, but thanks for the explanation, because I didn't really get yours either.