What's your profession? Age?

Just thought after the "how much is your system worth" post that it would be nice to see what all these people do to get $80K systems, and perhaps how long it takes. I'm a 29-year old economist for the gov., just completeed my Ph.D. last month, and my system is at about $10K. Just a pup hoping to keep upgrading...
50 year old Security Guard for a Fortune 500 company. I've been interested in stereo equiptment since about the age of 18. I took alot of years and alot of overtime to get my system where it's at today.
QA Analyst for the worlds largest Options Exchange. Music has defined my personality since the age of,,, I guess around 5. Stereo equipment has always been an important part of my life. At the age of 14 I believe had one of the first 3 prologic AVR's (pioneer vsx-9700S) to hit the market. I may have been the only kid in the country at the time (1991) with a full blown home theater in there 15 x 15 bedroom. (Yamaha center channel, Advent prodigy tower II’s, Advent indoor/outdoor for the rears and a Yamaha sub).

Led Zeppelin "The Song Remains The Same" on laserdisc was legendary throughout my circle of friends.

Now my system is a very modest 7K of two channel delight!
I am a retired FireFighter of 21 years. I now work at a major automotive plant as a second career. 46 years old.
29. U.S. Navy - Combat Systems Firecontrolman - Aegis Computer Network Tech.

I make just enough to play.
Update...unemployed...2 yrs older at 43...system still lists approx 11k...less than 5k invested. Going through MANopause.