What's your profession? Age?

Just thought after the "how much is your system worth" post that it would be nice to see what all these people do to get $80K systems, and perhaps how long it takes. I'm a 29-year old economist for the gov., just completeed my Ph.D. last month, and my system is at about $10K. Just a pup hoping to keep upgrading...
As long as you don't ask what our political affiliation is then we'll all get along just fine. :) I'm an out-of-college-engineering-student who had to go to work to support my audio addiction. Two systems, audio and home theater, combined 30K and rising fast.
I'm a 20 year old entrepreneur/college student. i currently am in my 2nd year at California State University, Long Beach which i attend full time, and i also started a business with 3 friends (Pacific Coast Acquisitions, LLC.) in which we purchase properties that are in foreclosure, do a little handy work on them and then sell them on the market for the going rate. right now we're in the middle of our second year and we have 13 properties in our possession and growing. my system is only worth a piddly $7-10k, but i only paid around $5000 for it. its in the virtual systems under my moniker if you're interested in checking it out.
Iam a IN-HOUSE dental tech. Been going on for 21 yrs now and still love what i do. Iam 39 now and been involved in this hobby for 12yrs.
Retired actuary, 51. Retired residential landlord also(lots units). Two systems, cost me about $35,000. New about $75,000. Being old ain't so bad. Being almost old's mayby even better.

Bill E.
I am a credit risk manager for several credit card portfolios. I am 37. I am closing fast on a $70k system; but have learned a lot over the last 15 years I have been in the hobby. When I started, I was giving all my friends all the great deals as I upgraded my system. Now, I have Audiogon and pretty much refruse to pay retail. But, I read a lot about the systems and have a pretty good idea what I want. If I was starting out new and buying used, I think you could shop around, get good deals on equipment, and later on sell it at a minimal loss. That is definitely the way to experiment your way into a killer system. Oh, my last bit of advice is get a spouse that is either into the hobby or won't mind it. My first wife never got into it. My wife now is EXTREMELY tollerant!
Well I guess I am up, I work in the adult entertainment business(I think you know what I am talking about). I get paid per film so my income depends on how hard(heh heh) I work.
Yeh, Tireguy, but what about your system? And shouldn't your handle be "TiredGuy"???
To Felthove: How to get an $80K system? Marry some one who is as nuts about music and sound as you are. Someone who has similiar career prospects (Technical undergrads and MBA's from a top school). Stay together,don't have kids and work hard from high school (30 years).
Those are big sacrifices to have only a 80K system- no kids, and you have to work hard? I would think that if one can get a degree from a "top school", it would only take a few months...or a year at most to get a system like that!
I am 45 years old, an electrical engineer and sell electronic test and measurement equipment for the worlds 2nd largest test and measurement equipment manufacturer.
IAm a professional race car driver 40yrs old , do things only one way ,EXTREME. stereo or speed my two loves not counting my wife and 3 children.
SO let's see... Demographically speaking, most wealthy people in the US are those that are 50 years or over, male, and that are either current or former small business owners or professionals that have been successful in their career. Under small busines owners, retail and construction are the most successful. In professional careers, lawyers and doctors are still the most likely to become weaslthy, followed by MBA types. Another category that is highly likely to become wealthy are sales people. There is research out on all of this stuff, mainly aimed at marketing types.

Of course, recently day-traders and dot-commers have been the new generation of instant suvccess, these are typically in their 20-ies or 30-ies, education is all over the map.

So my advise would be to get a law degree, an MBA and a medical doctorate, after which you should start day trading, while starting a .com which sells something related to medical, financial and legal services on a commission basis in the retail arena. You will then sell that company when it is successful, and next build the sound system of your dreams. ;)

Eletronics technician for CNC equipment. 32yrs old. System is a mix but total about $25k.
I am a 24 year old law student/lawclerk with a $15K system. Keep in mind, I know of a 23 year old who works at a high end audio store and has a system where the speakers alone (5 of them) run $13K msrp. Lets not forget that store owners and their employees usually have fantastic sounding systems.
42 yr. old MAILMAN for the US Post Office,21 years on the job.Been into audio for 20 years,first with DJ equipment then high end audio.Long live 2 channel high end.
OH forgot to say my setup is about 20k retail new but I always buy used.And thats the seperate audio and A/V systems combined.
i'm a 30 year old lawyer. my sytem retails for about $29k. through good deals on demos (my cd player), new (my speakers and interconnects) and used equipment (my amps and speaker cables), my cost is about $15k. develop an ear for the stuff and shop carefully and paitently.
I'm a Service Manager @ a General Motors dealership. I'm 46 and plan to retire (this life anyway) at 55. I'm then going to open up my own hi end audio store and live happily ever after.
I'm 51 & publish a hotel/resort directory. Enjoyed music all of my life - play piano. When I was a kid, my dad had an old Zenith "hifi" and played classical records. I'm new to hi-end - my small system is $11K retail and cost about $6K thanks to audiogon. Happy listening. Joel
I'll be 40 tomorrow. Yikes! I'm the Director of Sales, I've spent the last 18 years in the semiconductor industry. As for my main system, I'd guess and say it was worth around $40k or so. Jeff
Computer Programmer, 34 - system retails for $23-24k; I have paid about 12k for what I am now using.
This is really cool, seeing all the walks of life people come from. Music brings us all together, right? Or is it the expensive equipment? I keep forgetting. :)
Daytime profession: Aerospace engineer ( Now working as Project Engineer) at The Boeing Co,in the Internation Space Station Program. Nighttime Profession: Adult industry, you know what I mean (yes in my dreams.I am 42 (but look under 30, they still card me at Grocery store when buying booze).
My system retails about 50 k ( home rig), 10K car rig.

So Tireguy, have you DONE anyone famous in the adult industry?
I guess I have peaked(pun intendid) all of your interests with my unusual "job" (if that is what you can call it). I am not the sort that will kiss and tell so all the ones that I never kissed are.......come on now I can not disclose such info. How about more specifics I am 20 and look like I am 30 and never get carded(probably because I am famous, heh heh heh), the home system is at around 30k+ and the car system is at 25K(approx. never actually added it up). Any more questions? concerns?
43 year old building contractor.Two channel system retails about 18k. Paid about 11K.
Yeah, Yeah. Tireguy, Professional code of ethics! I understand. 25 K for Car stereo? What have you got in there?
I have focal utopia drivers(audiom TLR, audiom 6W and 27WX subs) clarion drx-9255 cd player, zapco C2k-6.0X comp. series amps, zapco siganl processors galore and all of the other goodies needed to make it all work.
Well, I'm 46 years old (would be 47 but I was sick a year) and I feel good about myself and I am currently unemployed. There, that wasn't so hard.
Retired now, I was a Forest Soil Scientist with the Dept. of Interior for 32 years-- just turned 58, but emotionally and musically am about 15. Big Rig is worth about $40-45K. Cheers. Craig.
Hi-end Audio Repair Technician. $1 million system. Mostly acquired free from audiophiles who couldn't pay their repair bill. Just turned 30. Still time to build it up to a $2 million system.
I'm a cop and also a landlord. 34 yrs and married w/one child. retail 18,500 paid 10,000.
Hi, I'm 37 and retired commodities broker. In fact I'm writing you via satellite from my yacht anchored in the mediterranean. I paid only $3000 for my system, but it sounds like $300,000. That's right! That is not a typo! I'll bet your wondering how that's possible. Just how is it that I can get a $3K system to sound like a $300K system? Its all thanks to the Absolutely Amazing Absolute Powercord!!!! Ahhh, your next question, how much does the AbAmAbPC cost? Would you believe it if I told you $500? How about $200? This little gem costs only $39.99 on this website!!!! With the AbAMAbPC there is no need to spend more! Remember. AbAmAbPC.
Absolutely amazing.
44, Artist. System retail cost 22.5k-While I've been in this hobby for 25 years, over the last 5 years I've completely upgraded my 10 year old system. Replacing EVERYTHING at least once but other than power cords never three times. Finally arriving at a point of absolute satisfaction, but will continue because I love the process as much as the arrival. Next upgrade, Shunyata Hydra PLC, additional TubeTraps, Brimar 12at7 tubes for VAC, Art Q dampers for passive, Poly Crystal cones to replace stock footers on PLC.
Hi, 40 year old mechanic supervisor in the phamacuetical industry. System list at $25k paid $10k. Chstob, if the commodities you're brokering are drugs, that might explain the power cords. Be careful though, Pcc is a cop right above you.
Journeyman Lineman (high voltage), Work on anything from 120v to a lightning bolt. I am a lineman for the coun... have been for 19yrs.
Operations Manager for a NDT company (Non-Destructive Testing) who supplies mobile test equipment and crews for railroad applications - have been 40 for 6 months now...