What software to play .dsf or dsd files for Windows 10?

I am new to PC audio so this question may be a bit obvious.  Which software do you use to play resolution audio files such as .dsf or dsd files?  I use Windows Media and I think it can only recognize PCM files but not sophisticated enough to play high resolution file such as .dsf or dsd file.  I prefer not to convert .dsf to PCM.  I would prefer to play high resolution files in their native format.

coach59, I agree with you also that the music is all but unfortunately we have to learn the tech so we can sit down and just listen. Yes Roon is also full of crud and all I really want to do is go into a hard drive select a music file , select to play it in Roon and sit back and enjoy but it is not that easy. I am staying with it because of the sound quallity but I just wish they would make it simpler.
Yeah Jim, were on the same page. Just for S&G I'm gonna try the free HQ Player. I've read that the sound is very good, but you might need a degree from MIT to work the thing.  Anyway, keep listening.
I joined this forum just because I have the perfect program that WORKS and is FREE.  I use Resonic Player.  Give it a try.  I was quite disgusted because Google results all seem to push paid players, or players that require an external stereo head unit to process.  Resonic plays my .dsf files without issues.  No special sign-up for the free version, or any other garbage, either.