What software to play .dsf or dsd files for Windows 10?

I am new to PC audio so this question may be a bit obvious.  Which software do you use to play resolution audio files such as .dsf or dsd files?  I use Windows Media and I think it can only recognize PCM files but not sophisticated enough to play high resolution file such as .dsf or dsd file.  I prefer not to convert .dsf to PCM.  I would prefer to play high resolution files in their native format.

I use Jriver.  It has had, for me, a long learning curve.

But, it will play .dsf files pretty easily.  Seems it can sense the ability of the DAC involved to play natively or not.  Out of one computer it goes to a DAC that can, out of another it goes to a DAC that cannot.  Makes the adjustment, and conversion where required, pretty automatically.
You may want to try foobar,
  • To play DSD files with Foobar, you’ll need the dsdiff component, this is available from the foobar site: 
Thanks both for the responses.  As for JRiver, is the fee a one time fee or is it an annual fee that you have to renew every year?

I also had a look at Foobar.  Hm... it seems like I may need an IT certification :-).

J River is a one time payment but you are better off by buying each new yearly update as it is not too expensive and little buugs are sorted out with each new update. Regarding file playing you can tune J River to upsample all files regardless of what they are to play as DSD through your DAC which is what I do and they do sound very good that way.
I have JRiver 23 and I see no reason to upgrade to JRIver 24.  JRiver, through its forum, continues to support 23 (and older versions I think).

That being said, it is beyond annoying that they introduce new versions so often, rather than simply passing along improvements as do many other software vendors.  I had 23 for less than a year before they released 24.  The upgrade price is about half the original price.  One can, it seems, upgrade after a couple of versions have passed through.  Perhaps that's what I shall do.
Another software to consider is HQ Player. I have not tried it yet, but may be less user friendly, but may be better for sound quality. Looks interesting..
I`ve tried alot of players and the one that sounds best for DSD is Album Player. Easy to setup, can also work as a renderer if you want to use it with Kinsky and Minimserver.

To play The differently formatted files like with the dsf and dsd extension oriented files and folders for the Windows 10 version, it can be synchronized by  Netgear Customer Support to go and support for the extension oriented files.
I still run with JRiver version 22.  I did not see a need for the new features that came out with with version 23/24.  It's still rock solid stable and performs great.
I have just taken out a trial of Roon and I have to say it far outshines J River which I have used for two or three years. The main differences are it is far more detailled and dynamic, files have got a new life in them that was not noticed with J River. and J River now seems dull and coloured by comparison. I do not like the cost of the Roon package it is far too expensive and it's a devil to get your head around it, I suppose that is because I am now over 65 and tech is now getting more and more difficult with each passing year. The short answer though is I am going to keep it despite the cost because it is a night and day difference in quallity.
Jim204, I'm with you. To a point. I too tried the free Roon offer and found the same results. The sound was much better then JR. But Roon gives you a lot of stuff to read about the artiest in your library. I really don't need all that. I still read liner notes on albums, but that's different. Then there's the learning curve for this thing . Were the same age and yeah, the tech is changing everyday. When I sit down to listen , that's all I want to do. I stayed with JR. It sounds fine to me and having to hear the last little bit of detail in everything is not necessary for me. I get lost in my music room because it's the music. 
coach59, I agree with you also that the music is all but unfortunately we have to learn the tech so we can sit down and just listen. Yes Roon is also full of crud and all I really want to do is go into a hard drive select a music file , select to play it in Roon and sit back and enjoy but it is not that easy. I am staying with it because of the sound quallity but I just wish they would make it simpler.
Yeah Jim, were on the same page. Just for S&G I'm gonna try the free HQ Player. I've read that the sound is very good, but you might need a degree from MIT to work the thing.  Anyway, keep listening.
I joined this forum just because I have the perfect program that WORKS and is FREE.  I use Resonic Player.  Give it a try.  I was quite disgusted because Google results all seem to push paid players, or players that require an external stereo head unit to process.  Resonic plays my .dsf files without issues.  No special sign-up for the free version, or any other garbage, either.