What sounds like a Krell KCT, but better?

I have a KCT, and (compared to a tube preamp at a similar street price) the way it portrays cymbals and electronic music is nearly perfect for me. (mated to Bryston 4B3 and Sonus Faber Maxima Amators). I'm not an expert on the words that audiophiles use but the KCT seems very "fast" to me, and that's important for the way I like to listen to music.

I have a problem, though, and that's that the KCT will be moving to a different room-- because it makes too much heat and also because my wife thinks it's "ugly." 

There seems to be a rich collection of used, well-reviewed, ~decade-old kit out there in my $3K-10K range from companies like Simaudio, Burmester, Pass, and Luxman. Will any of these be particularly suitable or unsuitable for what I am looking for? All I need is a two-channel linestage, but an integrated proper low-output MC would be a nice inclusion and would let me spend a little more.

Thank you.

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Sounds like me without a cup a joe. 

You need a preamp with an MC phono stage, 3-10K?

What do you need again? I'm getting more confused every time I reread it, MORE coffee!!!

1. amp
3.phono stage
4. wife

What do you need? Just pick the numbers or add a couple.

Heh. My amp is good, and I can get by with my current phono stage. Still love my wife, despite her poor taste in preamp aesthetics.

I just need a linestage preamp. A preamp that includes a good MC phono stage is better. That's all I need. 3K-10K. 

I have a CODA 07x ($6.5K) preamp and a Benchmark LA4 preamp ($2.5K).  I have had a lot of Bryston gear in the past but not the cubed line. The CODA 07x or the cheaper CP preamp is almost certain to be great with the 4B3. I like my LA4 better because it is not as warm but if warmth is something that is desired the LA4 will not deliver.

I should add that the Schitt Freya+ preamp that I have paired with a Benchmark AHB2 amp would likely sound similar to the 4B3 (I have heard it). This tube preamp cost $1K and has a 15-day home trial. I do like the Freya+ and AHB2 combo.