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The future of LAMM without Vlad
If you follow Lamm on Instagram it's funny to watch the deceased's relatively attractive daughter(?) promote the brand while the employees grudgingly soldier on.   I have no particular insight other than my lived experiences, but it's possible t... 
Jim Campbell (the turntable restorer)
camj3941@gmail.com was the winner. Some or all of the other published emails don't work. Thank you everyone.  
Eurozone sickness and 230v single phase vs 240v two-phase.
Hi @holmz. I don't know if you mean brands for the transformer (in which case, no, but I await an answer from ACUPWR) or for the amplifier (in which case, Audionet).  
Vladimir Lamm RIP
I have never heard Lamm equipment but whenever I see a photo I want it.  Immigrated in the eighties, manufactured in Brooklyn, impeccable asethetics, people say it sounds great. I bet he was a pretty awesome dude.  
What sounds like a Krell KCT, but better?
Heh. My amp is good, and I can get by with my current phono stage. Still love my wife, despite her poor taste in preamp aesthetics. I just need a linestage preamp. A preamp that includes a good MC phono stage is better. That's all I need. 3K-10K.   
Is this amount of record/tonearm bobbing "normal"
Thanks for the feedback. In this case there is a lower platter, an upper platter, a mat, and the record. The lower platter is about 48 hundredths "tall" and you can see it in this video:   https://youtu.be/0Tq1hydi-DI The runout (probably the w... 
Ball stops for underfloor speaker cables
They are coming through the floor. I'll chat with the wife about some electric fence if she shoots down the bear trap proposal. And I suppose I'm using suspenders. The stapled-up velcro strap variety.   
How much gear do you own?
I have only one of everything that I need, but after buying a mostly-clean TD-124 I haven’t been able to stop thinking about buying another, in rougher shape, to restore. I have three kids and an 80-hour per week job. I need a project like I need... 
1. Everyone bickering, meanwhile a GT2 owner is among us. True enthusiasts would be peppering clearthinker with questions about how awesome it would be to have a GT2.2. As you probably know, a car is not classically a great environment for fidelit... 
Apple TV Set Up
I would bet )I'm not sure) that an ordinary college computer science major could write you a script for $30 that would probably fix problem 1 and maybe fix problem 2 (via brute force). 
Get a load of this Deceptive add for a Gryphon Amp here on AG
I’m new here, so grain of salt, but I do have a semblance of a brain and I frequently participate in buying and selling things online. IMO it’s clearly mildly deceptive that none of this is disclosed in the ad-- these are clearly details that any ... 
Before I order the Magnepan 1.7s...
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. There are some good ones there to consider.The Maggies (if I go that route) will be tucked away when not in use and pulled out for listening. The Jadis speakers I have seen but ultimately I decided that I wasn'... 
Before I order the Magnepan 1.7s...
@jasonbourne52 The SFs look too "modern." too "delicate." Our home is a 1936 modern monolith. It's hard to decorate. Thank you for your suggestion, the DeVores are generally pretty cool and *maybe* the  Auditorium 23 Hommage 755 would fit here. I... 
RCA (phono) cables for on-site termination
Last I appreciate the thoroughness of your answer-- those of us who grew up in Appalachia learned that we could make a "continuity tester" with a flashlight bulb, a 9v battery, and a few alligator clips.   
RCA (phono) cables for on-site termination
(and thanks for the cable rec if I go that route)