What speakers can make a convert of Maggie lovers?

After living with Magneplanars for many years (1.6qr's at present,) I'm wondering what other speakers Magneplanar owners have fallen for. I'm sure this topic must have covered before, but this site's search engine leaves a lot to be desired. There are many things that I like about Maggies, the expansive soundstage, well integrated drivers, and value for the money among their many virtues. Ideally, I'd like speakers that would have better low level detail and palpability, be less picky about amplification, and have better percusive/ dynamic qualities. The need for augmentation with a subwoofer would ok. My listening room is about 15x20' with a 12' ceiling height. I don't favor any one type of music, my tastes are musically omnivorous. Price of contenders would have to be no more than $5-6,000 new. Of course, something less expensive like the Gallos would be fine too, it's good to have money left over to buy more music. I know everyone says "go listen at your dealers." I've done that, but I find dealer's rooms sound so cruddy compared to my acoustically treated room that I can't make really meaningful comparisons.
Sorry Photon, I did not read your thread carefully. The Definitions come out (new) way over your budget. The Druids with their matching sub will do you fine, brand spanking new; and as Macrojack stated: a money back guarantee that you can't beat with a stick.
I am going to second the Von Shweikerts. Maggie tranparency with awesome weight and authority. I have the VR 7's
I replaced my 1.6's with Energy Veritas 2.3i's and don't regret if for a minute. I loved the hughe soundstage the Maggie's had and didn't think I could match it with a conventional speakers, but the Veritas do. And, they do much more.

However, if I were in the same position today I would probably go with a pair of Ushers. I could not afford the one's I heard (CP-8571 II), but sound even close, these are the one's I would get.
stay in maggietown. with acoustic suspension designs and pure ribbons/electrostats becoming anomalies in speaker design(the hybrids and the ported designs make for a great 30m audition), stay where you are....you're not missing a thing at ten times the price.