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green mountain calypso ?
Rocky,I have a pair Of Calypso's. What would you like to know? I agree with Shakeydeal, Roy is a jewel in the speaker design industry. I've had mine for several years and love them. They stopped my search for speakers. I also use them as the final... 
New Speaker Purchase
Green Mountain Audio Callisto's. 
$40.000 speaker advise. Check out my list
Save yourself $27K and buy a pair of Green Mountain Audio Calypso's. will be doign a review on them in the next month or so. I'm betting they will be highly impressed. 
Best Speakers to Audition in the $5-10k range?
Green Mountain Audio Calypso's. Best speaker these ears have heard. Not many time/phase coherant 3-ways out there. 
Who's Your Favorite Bass Players; Why?
Her body of work speaks for itself 
The sealed LP... what is the point?
I have a couple of records i'll never open. One is Muddy Waters "Folk Singer" on MFSL Vinyl. Another is "Fresh Cream" by Cream on the DCC label. My vinyl copy has additional bonus tracks that aren't supposed to be on the album. Very few were sold. 
Best stand mounted monitors
Right in your price range. GMA builds amazing speakers and they do it at a price that won't break the bank. Time/phase aligned and the comment I hear most often is "They sound scary real" Do yourself a favor and check them out. 
Austin City Limits
I still remember seeing Steve (Chicago shorty) Goodman on A.C.L. years ago. Great entertainer and funniest guy I ever knew. VERY hard act to follow. Ask John Prine or Kris Kristopherson. 
AKUS - So Long So Wrong- Time to Stop Upgrading?
I have the Mo-Fi vinyl AKUS double album and it's really well recorded, mastered and pressed. Some of the quietest vinyl I have heard. Also agree on the recording being so important. Choice of microphones is really critical in getting a great reco... 
Need new speakers
Green Mountain Audio Europa's at $995.00/pair are an amazing speaker. I replaced a pair Of vintage A/D/S L-1290 floorstanders with this little standmount and never looked back. Do a search here for other's opinions on the Europa's. Good luck. 
Poster's or Musician photo's available online? 
What are the best monitor speakers for classical?
Fred,You can pick up a pair of Green Mountain Audio Europa's for the same price as the Von Schweikerts. Do a search here for comparisons between the two speakers. 
Looking for insight on the Green Mountain Europas
Italian,while 200 hours sounds like a lot of time, the Europa's become very seductive at around 1000 hours. Much smoother midrange. I echo the above statements with the exception of the comment about vocal my opinion, this is where t... 
best or craziest speakers' design..
How about these? They fit your criteria and the sound? Incredible!!! 
Sophia 2 vs. Vandersteen Quatro
Add the Green Mountain Audio Calypso to your short list.