What the heck is Resolution Audio

two people keep bringing up Resolution Audio cd players in posts. Does anyone else have any experience with them or even ever heard of them, or do we just have two company employees corupting Audiogon...
That was polite, Carl. The reason my response above was so spirited is, quite frankly, that you were getting in the way of gaining a deeper understanding of digital processes for myself and others. You did this by writing things like: “The idea that upsampling and oversampling are the same thing is FALSE, and I don't care what you, or anyone else here, believes or disbelieves about the subject.” I did my homework, Carl. I asked careful questions and sought out experts (Resolution Audio and MSB – two mfg’s who market “upsampling processors/players) who could shed some light. Others here were asking similar questions of other experts (Madrigal and Theta) and we were all bringing the info back here so that all of us could learn from each other. That is the point of this site I believe! It’s a shame you decided to dig your heels in and close your mind. When I first entered the Upsampling thread I thought we had a pretty good group here (you included) to get “the skinny” on what upsampling was or was not and perhaps, to explore what mfg’s are doing now to squeeze additional performance out of CD format. That better processors and players are being made, I’m certain. And no, my goal in the above post was not to convince everyone here that you are dumb. (Ok, I could say something funny here, but I won’t) Deborah, you're a class act. We need more women like you in 'philedom. Live the good life! Jordan
Thanks for the kind words Jordon, but I've had just about all I can stomach. This whole situation with Carl gets worse and worse, and no matter how cordial I try to be, he just can't control himself. His latest crusade is to try to convince everyone who participates in these discussion groups that I am in reality, a man. He has made this accusation on several threads, and quite frankly I'm tired of responding to his remarks. And how do I defend against or prevent such attacks? Should I complain to Audiogon? This type of slander is too much for me. I just wanted to exchange some ideas, and maybe joust a bit with the locals. But this is insane. As I've said on another post, I'll probably not participate too often from here on in, if at all. But one last thing before I go: Carl, how will you convince the audio world that you are in fact, not an INBRED after all? Ciao, maybe for good.
Deborah,please forgive Carl.He just reacted to the word'couch'.No need to leave this forum.
It was merely that I thought that women were above such hostility...and also, others have used the names of women as their screen name in the past, when in reality they were men. Since you say so emphatically now, that is enough for me. I celebrate the fact that you are a woman, and have never meant anything personal towards you. Since you have been so offended, I humbly ask your forgiveness, and regret that you feel you should not participate. I want you to participate very much, and will refrain from anything that might be construed as offensive towards you. My intenet is to always stay out of personal disputes in this forum...always.