what to do............

here is what i have..........
a conrad johnson 2300a, just back from having both channels redone and rebiased and other stuff done to it.
a pv10al, with little use and currently tube rolling, with new rca 12au7s clear tops. (my tong-sols have not arrived yet)
alon IVs just had the woofers reconed, midrange and tweeters replaced and voice coils and xover reworked.
a rotel lcd 975, my dream system.

my problem is i get no gain, when i turn it up. i use to be able to listen at 9 and 10 oclock, now i have to turn it up to 11 to 1 oclock to get the same response. what am i doing wrong, have i missed something some where. the sound is great, crystal clear. the problems is when i turn it up, that i cant figure out whats wrong. i have heard that certain tubes will make you lose gain, but i have tried putting the other tubes back in but with the same results. i have noticed that at night this problem is lessened,that makes me think of a conditioner. but i have heard the pro's and con's of that debate.
At night people turn off a lot of noise making plug in devices that sure does help make the power worse,but I've
never heard of that causing a big volume change.My guess
would be that a major change was done is one or more pieces
of equipment that you had worked on.I wouldn't blame this on the power.
Keep in mind that all of your speaker system drivers are brand new, and they need time to loosen up(break in). All of the suspensions are tight right now, and it takes more power to get them to respond to the signal you're feeding them. Be patient.
I agree with Rodman. Give the drivers time to loosen up a little before doing anything.

The difference you hear at night could be because it is quieter than during the day, less distractions.

Give it some time.
thanx to all of you, will do exactly that. but 4est, how can you have a midrange out of phase and how can you tell. i do have a stereophile test cd and everything came up fine.