What to do...What to do?

Hi Goners!
I have listened to both the Jean Marie Reynard Offrande Supremes at $7,500.00 and recently the GamuT RS3i at  over twice the price!
I have listened to both extensively and have come to some initial observations of each...
my question is this; Honestly now... when you have two speakers of different strengths with little in the way of fault, do you look at the speaker as a whole?
WAF,color, style, design and all the other “ non engineering” facets that culminate around the science?
this has led me to ponder what to do going forward...
thanks for your honesty, I gave you mine😉
I just use my ears. After looking for speakers many years ago I listened to several and one day I heard the sound I was looking for. To me it was the sound I was after although I thought they were quite ugly (beauty is in the eyes of the beholder). They were Dynaudio C1's. Had them for several years thinking I was never going to hear anything better. Then one day it happened. I heard a speaker that took my breath away. I couldn't get that sound out of my head for months. It was the price that made it difficult for me to justify. But I finally thought do I want to just dream about them or own them? So I pulled the trigger. They were Raidho D1's. The Dyn's played lower but the Raidho's just had all the clarity/emotion the Dyn's lacked.
... when you have two speakers of different strengths with little in the way of fault, do you look at the speaker as a whole? ...
I don't understand the question. If you're buying the speaker "as a whole," don't you have to evaluate it as a whole? Buying part of one and part of another isn't really an option, is it? Unless, perhaps, you're considering kludging the two together, as HP did with the QRS-1D system. But that rarely works.
I dont think those gamut bookshelfs are worth the $19,000 asking price thats all i have to say

Honestly, if the speakers are scoring exactly equally with you, then obviously go for the less expensive ones.

But I can't believe that's what happening.  I suspect you have a mild preference for the Gamuts, but are finding it hard to justify on the basis of the price differential.

If both work in your space, if both are spouse-acceptable, if you can afford the Gamuts, then only you can decide if the improvement you hear is worth it to you.  I have to say that, two or three years after making a purchase, I've certainly wished that I had stretched a little more back in the day, as I'd then have ended up keeping that particular item longer.

Twoleftears pretty much summed up my thoughts.  Let us know how things work out.
Walk away from thinking about it for a couple of days, then flip a coin (or equivalent) on a 'binding' choice and gauge your reaction to the result. I bet you will have a visceral reaction either way.

All the best.
It is all what does it for you. I am still thrilled with my Vivid !.5s. When I listened to them, I was just velcroed to the seat and could not get up. I had listened to a bunch of speakers and liked some of them, but I just could not stop listening to these. I went back with my wife and had the same reaction. I think that my reaction was so visceral that it really meant something. It wasn't about picking apart the different facets of the speakers, just what they did to me. 10 months later I am still spending more time listening than I had in years. 
There were more expensive speakers, more attractive speakers, speakers with bigger followings and perhaps some that will have better resale value (if it comes to it), but where these reached into my soul (ears) was not reproduced by anything else. As most of us, I always have lust for more, but in my heart, I know that is just part of what our society has done to us. I take a deep breath and listen to the music and smile,
I hope you find something to which you have the same reaction.
Dear @azjake:  """   when you have two speakers of different strengths with little in the way of fault,...""

My choice will be for the ones that are nearer to " the live music/event " and that could be matched/integrated the better with my room/system.

Both ar very good speakers and differences on specs are mainly on higher efficiency/sensitivity and lower bass range for the Offrande but that's all.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
'K....which did you like better? *shrug*  Ultimately, that's the 'end of the day' question....besides the fact that a recording of any sort will never rival 'live', and most is 'studio-synth'.....


(MHO....and the guitar will not move)
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