what to do with my cat on my speaker grills

my cat asia has decided to use my vienna mozart grands to claw on the grills. no major damage.. i use the speaker box packing to protect my speaker grills, but at times the little #$^&$# get to them....anybody have a sugestion and does anybody have this problem...simeese cats are a odd bread..lol
Cats are single minded little beasts. Not really smart, but very clever and willing to take 'risks'.

You may want to check at a pet store. They may have a 'repel' odor treatment.
My MG-1s were so treated by the original owner and my 2-head of cat NEVER went near them in over 15 years. Not ONCE.

Cats DO NOT like CITRUS smell.
Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile soap is also on the no smell list. And it is a great shower soap. It is a liquid so dabbing some on a cloth and leaving it next to the speaker may work?
simeese cats are an odd bread alright.If I were you Id give up,the cat is too smart for your moves no question.Love the answers by the way,cheers,Bob