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Rockport Atria II or Magico A5
So, I will add this insight, even though this is Audiogon. ***I am a dealer - owner of Liquid HiFi ***** I think that it is important to find a dealer who will work with you to properly setup and properly equip the selected speaker to perform at... 
IsoAcoustics GAIA footers: impressions
@david_ten┬áRevOPods can absolutely be used under components or speakers.My company, Liquid HiFi, recently became the US Distributor for RevOPods. ┬áI have placed them under a wide variety of components and speakers and I would be pleased to help yo... 
RIP DJ Casser
RIP, DJ was a great guy who went out of his way to help me when I started my business. He and his great products will be sorely missed! 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
Ron Buffington of Liquid HiFi here in Charlotte NC.I am an authorized dealer for QOL and recently plugged in my demo unit and the effect is not subtle. Significantly larger soundstage, improved imaging with more air around instruments and musician... 
North Carolina Audio Club
Ron Buffington of Liquid HiFi chiming in again.The Charlotte Audiophile Society is not currently active although the leader of that group puts on a nice headphone show once a year.I would be willing to host a group of 15-20 on a Saturday or Sunday... 
Review: Dynaudio Special Twenty-Five Monitor
Glad to hear you are enjoying them!!!!!!! 
most musical DAC under 1k?
**dealer disclaimer**The Rega dac would make perfect sense and is certainly in the running for most musical dac under 1K 
Solidstate king of immediacy for ceramic drivers ?
dealer disclaimerPlinius should be on your list. VERY good with Accuton driver based speakers 
Is no preamp the best preamp of all?
I prefer a Preamp over none.As mentioned quality is key though.I have conducted experiments running direct from Bel Canto dac3, PS Audio Perfect Wave system and Esoteric SA50 - in all cases prefer the preamp in the signal path (Plinius M8 used to ... 
RMAF 2011: Any tips?
Make a list of the companies you want to see.When you first get to RMAF get a COUPLE of the programs which list manufacturers room by room.Highlight and cross off as you go.Go see the ones you want to see first, then check out others as you see fi... 
One of my closest friends is gone.
Rest in Peace.The family will be in our prayers. 
Is the Accuton driver that good?
Yes, I have used them in raw speaker designs and they are that good in my opinion. 
Wilson Wat Puppy 7 or Avalon Opus Ceramique?
Get the Avalons. 
****DEALER DISCLAIMER******I always like to use an upgrade from standard outlets for good measure and a better grip on the power cable.Generally I do not expect reveletory changes in performance from a duplex upgrade.I recently replaced a mid leve... 
Who is the World's Best 'New' Female Vocalist
Agree with Katie Melua - her music is incredible.Adele 21 has been played a lot here lately also - worth checking out.