What to expect: Revel Performa M20 from Mag. 1.6QR

I own Magnepan 1.6QR's and am thinking of going to the (well reviewed) Revel Performa M20. I am looking for more clarity and dynamics.
I know I have to listen for myself but it is a 2 hour drive to do that. My Rogue 120's do not have enough power for the 1.6's and the M20's are a little more efficient and I hear you really do not need a subwoofer for most music. If I could get away from the Monoliths (I mean Maggies)that would be a good thing too. They seem a little veiled and lifeless, I miss not having the extreme high frequencies too.
Am I on the right road here or should I try a high powered solid state amp and give the Maggies another chance?
I have all Nordost Blue Heaven wire, Rogue electronics and Rega CD 2000. I listen to all types of music, loudly sometimes.

thank you for all responses
Say, what efficiency rating are the Maggies? The Revels are 87db, so I didn't think they were THAT efficient. I own the M20s and I have found that they also seem to like a fair amount of power. I have a Plinius integrated that puts out 175wpc into 8 ohms, and that seems to work for me. Other than that, I really like the speakers. I don't have a subwoofer, and I don't really miss it. The Revels really go down pretty low for such a small speaker. If you can, you should try an audition to make sure you like these speakers. I also went with the stands, which IMHO, makes a big difference.
Finally, how do you like the Rega? I have one on order and I'm anxious to try it out.
the maggies are 86db and 3.75 ohms (I know, not much difference). They just never really sing. Maybe the Linn 'beat' thing has something to it.
The Planet is musical in the best sense, while it is not super detailed and maybe a little warm, the music coming out is always engaging. Everything from piano to horns to strings seem to take on a natural glow, (for lack of a better term).
thanks for your response
I owned the 1.6's and had the same feelings about them as you did.My room(15x16 too square)was the culprit in getting the kind of sound you described in my case.I traded them to a friend and they sound great in his room(12x18).I replaced the Maggies with Meadowlark Shearwaters(which sound great with Rogue)and later with Audio Physic Spark 3's.I heard the Revel's at a dealer and was not impressed in the least.With Stands and grills(yes they charge extra) you're in the same ballpark money wise,but the two speakers i mentioned beat the crap out of the Revel's soundwise with tube amps.
Given your stated goals, I think you're on the right track. I wouldn't be surprised if your Rogue drove the M20's better, but I also wouldn't be surprised if you ultimately upgraded the amp. You'll definitely get a livelier, more dynamic sound with the M20's, IMO. There are a few other monitors that might be recommended if you're not already sold on the M20's, though the M20's are certainly getting some great reviews. -Kirk
Hey Phil - Brian here. I have heard the M20's in two locations and liked them both times. There is a dealer an hour from us in Grand Haven.
I tend to agree with "Dsunde". I own a pair of M20's and drive them with a Proceed HPA2. They will run on less, but they respond well to something with a little slam. M20's are good, though a little lean at times. The 1.6's have a boost in their response curve a 50 hertz- gives 'em a little weight. The M20's can thin out a bit. Good luck!!