What tonearms are suitable for my Ariston RD 80?

Anyone got a suggestion? I was thinking Rega RB 250. What else is there out there?
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You should choose your tonearm based upon what types of cartridges you plan to use. The RB250 is probably the best tonearm available for the money right now, and will handle most cartridges. Unless you want to spend alot more, then the RB250 is the way to go. Other options might be the Linn Tonearms like the Basik Plus, used SME tonearms, etc. With the suspension system in the Ariston, stay away from heavy linear trackers like ET-2.
I like the Ittok and had one for years. If you can spend the money, it is a very nice arm. I was just trying to keep my recommendations under the cost of your turntable.
Thankyou, I nearly won a Roksan Tabriz on Ebay. Would this have mated with the Ariston RD 80. This table came with the Opus tonearm which was damaged in shipping. Will I have to get another arm board or can I use this Opus arm board with say a Rega RB 250? Anyone know where I can get a replacement arm board? Some time back I owned a VPI JR with Audioquest PT 5 tonearm. Would a PT 5 work with the RD 80?