What wall outlets? Furutech or Oyaide?

I am thinking about getting audio grade wall outlets, it seems that both Furutech and Oyaide offer some really nice ones. Any one here have compared them? I am also interested in hearing if the more expensive outlets---range from $80 to $130---are worth getting.
I use the Oyaide SWO-XXX for the analog side & the Furutech FT-D20A gold for the digital side. Both are very good.

You'll get much more info on this on the AA forum
My system is loaded with Porterports avail here on Audiogon. Great investment.
I have tried Wattgate 381, Oyaide R-1 and Isoclean, as well as some lesser outlets. In my setup, the Wattgate was clearly superior. Would be interested if anyone has compared the Furutech with the WAttgate.
I have used PS Audio original for my sub and have used FIM 886 and Porter Equivilent for my CDPlayer. The Atl Newcablestudio 1000 is for my tube amp. The PS audio is agressive in the highs so is relegated to the Sub. The FIM 866 is a bit better than the Porter Cryo in the highs so I have used it for the CD Player. At the moment both Amp and CD Player share the ATL Duplex as the ATL is the best of the bunch. The sound has a slightly softer and more relaxed presentation. Details are there but just slightly more coherent.The ATL Duplex has been split and each socket is fed by a Separate dedicated line, one being 14 Romex and the other 10. Pace,Rhythm and Timing are almost perfect.