What was your first record?

The first record I ever owned: ‘At the Hop’ by Danny and the Juniors ( just listened to it, and it made me get up and dance!)

The first record I ever bought myself: ‘Meet the Beatles’



The Sound of Philadelphia  -MFSB

Gil Scott-Heron -In the Bottle

Roberta Flack - Killing me Softly 

Miles Davis, Kind of Blue. Many, many albums ago now. Hey, there’s a reason why it’s the best selling all time jazz record. 

@gumbedamit, I resemble your remarks! Your taking me back to my Philly days. I actually met Kenny Gamble and Billy Paul on Broad Street in ‘75 during the heyday of Philadelphia International’s run at the top of Souls food chain. Those were the days my brutha!

Elvis’ 45 . . . Little Sister \ His Latest Flame

1961 . . I was ten. I’m even older than jasonbourne71 . . . that’s disturbing.