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Floorstanding speaker experiences/recommendations in the $12-25k range
I’ll second Vuch. I have the Magico A3 and love them, and they have ample bass for me w/o sub(s). Not sure how they sound with low power. I’m pushing with 300 w Hegel 590.  
Cream — Stormy Monday
When I was a senior in hs, I didn’t know what HQ audio was. But, I  thought Creams’s Wheels of Fire sounded great on 8 track while driving around in my dad’s 1966 Sport Fury!  
Cream — Stormy Monday
If you like the RAH version of Stormy Monday, AND I DO, try Soulshine from Allman Bros Where It All Begins. The dueling duo of blues/rock guitars is amazing. First tune I played after my last upgrade and it still blows me away.  
What’s the best DAC < 6k (system specific)
@audioman58  I’m streaming Qobuz through Innuos Zenith MK3. I just researched Innous 2.2 and it allows me to use HQ player with the streamer as a standalone endpoint. So apparently I don’t need anything extra but the Innuos 2.2 upgrade. I have do... 
What’s the best DAC < 6k (system specific)
jackd The S3 is No longer there at Audiogon but, thanks  for the insight. I’ll keep checking the markets for one to come available.    
What’s the best DAC < 6k (system specific)
dz13 what did you replace with your t+a 200 and how would you describe the differences? Are you thrilled with the t+a?  
What’s the best DAC < 6k (system specific)
when listening to the ayre qb9, your use of silver interconnects may also contribute to the sense of forward aggressive treble   jss49 wow! Exactly what I was thinking! You seem to have diagnosed my situation right on. Love this forum. I will stu... 
What’s the best DAC < 6k (system specific)
rx8man thanks for sharing. I don’t doubt that’s a fine DAC and that you enjoy it. For twice my budget you very well should. I like that it’s made in USA too. I’m sure that DAC, even if it could be found in the used market, is beyond my reach.  
What’s the best DAC < 6k (system specific)
thebingster thank you and everyone else who commented. I’m waiting on stuartk’s ad. I hope the La Voce is better than what I sold already ie the Ayre QB9 twenty!  
My speaker upgrade journey - and a few questions
I have the Hegel 590 pushing Magico A3s and extremely happy. Everyone says put subs with them but, to my ear, not needed. If heavy base resides in the track, it’s there. I have a fully treated 15’ sq room. I think the A3 is a bargain on the used m... 
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
Traded up from Volti Razz to Magico A3 and very pleased. End game? I’m not sure but, I went to an audio show in Dallas and didn’t heard anything I would consider end game. The A3 has enough low end in my smallish listening space that I don’t yearn... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Uncle John’s Band by John Scofield  
speakers for small room
Magico A3s work great in my 15’ sq listening room pushing them with Hegel H590. Anything bigger would probably be overkill. Retail for about 16k but available used for under 10. Picked mine up for 9 on the US Audio Mart site. I find that people wi... 
I am streaming , how can I play music when provider goes down.
Turntable and streamer with hard drive. I have an Innuos streamer that holds 2500 albums. You can rip (copy) from a cd or from the the streamer.   
What was your first record?
Everly Brothers “Let It Be Me”. Played it over and over and……