What would an Audiophile Table of Values and Behaviors look like?

Companies have values and behaviors, not for profits have values and behavior guidelines, professional associations have similar standards and guidelines. So why can’t we?

What inspired this question? Well, just a two word switch on a current topic here on Audiogon. What if unbecoming an audiophile became an unbecoming audiophile and their positive partner, becoming an audiophile. And there were widely agreed values and standards in becoming an audiophile. Once step further… imagine if there were levels of audiophile and associated accreditation programs to guide members to lifelong pursuit especially emphasizing inclusion by experience. Anyway let’s not run away with ourselves.

What would you like to see as the values (that you hold dear) appropriate for our hobby to be associated as an audiophile and what are the associated behaviors that we / you would like to have including those behaviors you’d like to specifically exclude ( plenty of samples abound especially on Facebook audio groups).

Where’s our manifesto? Where’s the inspiration for the next gen to get involved and continue to pursue knowledge experience exploration and creation of next Gen customers and creators of audio tech, research and experience?

I wonder what ChatGPT might say 😉

What if we put our collective hearts and minds to this pursuit what good might be brought to life here?