what would you do?

I have a small room with Revel f208 in them. The speaker seem too big for the room and I have an offer of 2 Grand to sell them. Does anyone have experience with small room speakers that would be equal to or better than the Revel f208 at that price point? Or, at that sale price, just keep until I have a larger room.
( I also currently have some old acoustic energy Aegis 3 Towers that I could use in the small room until I figure out how to improve the system) Thanks. 
The other sources are solid-state integrated and streaming plus computer server.
It's a shame that Revel couldn't include a switch that lets you cut off one of the woofers to accommodate small rooms.

Have you tried plugging the ports with something like a dish towel? It will definitely reduce the bass.

All the best.

Have you ever thought of using a DBX DriveRack PA2? It is made for large venues like shows; however, it can take a small room and with a mike can adjust all the frequencies to tame the room's acoustic abnormalities. The DBX has the capability to do active speakers as well as inactive speakers. Look them up and see what you think. I like all the menus for fine-tuning the sound . . . and you can even hook up the DBX to the modem/router and use an iPad, or a laptop . . . even a smartphone to see live frequency responses and even adjust the curves -- live, and so much more than I can really go into here. Go on YouTube and see some videos about this product. Perhaps you won't have to sell your speaker after all.
+1 on the DeCappo excellent in small to medium rooms. Can be had used for the a little less money too, particularly the non-beryllium tweeter version which has the nicer wood finishes. If your passionate about the last octave of deep bass, put a ‘swarm’ sub system in and you be set. For me, I’m good without the sub. Musical, toe tapping fun!