Whatever happened to...?

Here's hoping a questions and answer thread can be started about talented musicians from our pasts that had impact, if even for a short time.

The question I have is what ever happened to Thomas Dolby? Listening to "The Golden Age of Wireless" as I write and realize, again, that this was one of the most creative and melodic albums of the early 80s, even of all time. Like many of his ilk, I just assumed that he ran out of creativity after a few albums, but perhaps I am mistaken.
That makes me think of PFM another italian band, albeit "progessive"...whatever happened to them?
The best PFM is kind of similar to Bella Band. The latter is all instrumental and maybe a bit more of a scorching jazzrock unit. PFM is still around and playing regularly in Europe, not sure how many original members are in the current line up, and don't know if they've released anything recenly that holds a candle to their early 70's stuff. I kept buying their records up until the mid 80's, but thought they declined steadily after Chocolate Kings, "Cook" and "Per Un Amico" are fantastic and made it hard to give up on them.
" Whatever happened to...?" is a very cheap way to get attention. I wished the question has more meat in it than a nostalgic thought. 
Usually Google answers this, but not always.  Peter Schott was the (brilliant, IMO) music director for Kid Creole and The Coconuts.  He left the band after a few albums and, then nothing......