Aavik U150 vs. Gryphon Diablo-300 vs. whatever ???

Anyone have history with Aavik U150 or U300?  Was searching RMAF yesterday for an integrated as a path to simplify for a smaller space.  The U150 w/ DAC peaked my interest but thought I would get input before searching out a dealer.  This will hopefully (yes I have said that before) be the one I retire with so must be excellent and long lasting / trouble free.
I've had my U300 for just over 4 years now. When the U150 came out I initially thought is was 90+% of the U300. But I never did a side by side comparison. Then 2 years ago at Axpona on the last day that they were showcasing the U150 and someone bought it on the spot and took it away around noon. They had an U300 there just for show but used it when the U150 left. That's when I changed my mind and can say the U150 is closer to 80% of the U300. The U300 has a much richer more detailed sound.

That said Aavik showed their new U380 at RMAF. I wasn't there so I can't comment on it. Supposed to be much better than the U300
I was at RMAF and when I was there in Day-1 they were using the U150 and said that the "big boy" was on a lost an a pallet in transit.
I knew I should have circled back to that room on Day-2 Ugh.  Oh well the U15 is where my interest lies since I do not need the phone stage.  So, at 80% of the U300 where in your mind would it rank against the available competition?
Thinking about this comparisons in relation to the Diablo 300 there is a question.

Is there anything out there in the $16K price range, being separates or integrates, that can beat the Diablo 300?