Whats the diff in these Synergistic Research cable

Whats the difference in sound between the Synergistic Research cables: Resolution, Designer and Absolute Reference cables? I seen on line everything from to airy and bright to warm, and neutral. What are your experiences? I plan to get some Designer Reference interconnects and Absolute Reference speaker cables to run from my Sony 5400ES CDP through my Rogue Athena Pre amp to my Rogue Mono blocks and Martin Logan SL3's. My System is just a little bit on the bright side. Am I headed for trouble and too much bright-ness? I have heard about the new Acoustic cables adding to much mid-range bloom.
Whats your opinion?
I've owned Resolution and Absolute Reference and have heard Designer's Reference. Among the newer generation, I've owned Tesla Accelerator and have heard Acoustic Reference. I'm going to generalize here and say from Resolution Ref to Absolute Ref to Designer's Ref clarity and focus increase incrementally as does neutrality. Resolution and Absolute Ref would be considered by some to be a bit more diffuse sounding/warmer, somewhat stereotypically tube-like and maybe easier on the ears, while others might characterize them as a bit fuzzy or colored sounding, particularly from the lower mids on down. The Designer's Ref cleans things up somewhat, tightens musical outlines and moves a little toward the more stereotypical solid state kind of sound.

Quite a few owners of the newer Synergistic line claim very significant improvements in all key areas---vivdness, detail, imaging/soundstaging, neutrality, air, harmonics, etc.---all the way up to the top of the line Tesla Apex. Again, in terms of direct experience, I can only speak for the Accelerator(owned) and Acoustic Reference(auditioned IMS) models. Though clearly impressive, they were not my "cup of tea". After a while, I found them not to be as relaxing sounding as I would have liked. Of those in the older series I initially referred to, I would consider the Absolute Reference both better suited to my tastes and the easiest to live with.

I cannot emphasize enough these were MY impressions gathered from MY system(s). You MUST sample---mainly in your own system---these or any other cables you're strongly curious about and/or seriously considering purchase of. Best of luck.
Zeal...After noting your considerable background in both initiating and answering threads and your obvious familiarity in dealing with components, I wish to apologize for the manner in which I presented my closing remarks to you. I had automatically and erroneously assumed you were a relatively inexperienced listener. Despite my own experience, I have commonly sought the impressions of others too here on Audiogon(both on threads and through personal e-mails) in the hopes of getting some ideas about what I possibly might expect from various pieces of equipment. Nonetheless and somewhat disappointingly, I continue to fall back on the realization that the only real way I'm going to get at the truth is either experience directly an audition at home or take the risk of buying something that's virtually impossible to audition (like a turntable) unless I know someone who owns and is willing to give me the opportunity to hear his/her equipment. Though there are many different kinds of personal reactions to the same equipment among listeners, it seems a fair number of us(myself included) still cling to the hope that somehow another's impression might either prevent us from making a mistake or help us find exactly what we're listening for. O As we know it doesn't often happen that way....But....

No need to apologize. You are never to old to learn new things and its a fool who doesn't ask questions before spending a lot of money. Your wisdom and experience is well taken and thanks again for taking the time to write your opinion.
Thanks for your input and may the Gods of great sound follow you through life forever.

Hello Zeal, all,

I have long used Synergistic Research cables in my system, although I haven't been able to afford their top tier cables, I have been very satisfied with the purchases I have made. The only suggestion I can make is to contact The Cable Company, and avail yourself of their cable lending library, where for a fee, you can borrow the cables you are interested in, and then if you purchase, the lending fee goes toward the purchase price of the cables. I have done this a few times, and it has been a positive experience, allowing me to make informed purchasing decisions.

Best of luck,
Zeal, SR makes a line of ICs named the Magnetic Tricon and it is in the Tesla Series.I have these throughout my system and am very satisfied with them. I suggest that you give them a listen. They are one notch below the Accelerators and I thought that the Magnetic Tricon were so good in my system that the extra cost to get the Accelerators was not worth the difference.
Best of luck.