When did you put the most effort in setting up your audio system?

We all have this moment at the time you have put yourself through a lot of things when setting up your audio system. Please share your experience when you think in the past or present, you did put in so much efforts. 


To share my own experience, just to compare two different speaker products, I bought both products in new, held on to them for 4-5months. During the time I had them, I changed amps(2 different power amps), DACs(5 of them borrowed, bought and returned), speaker cables(3 times). Even after all these, I couldn't make up my mind which to keep, then let my sister, who wanted to have a pair, to choose whichever she preferred in design. Crazy... Now, I kinda know what I want, but I don't think I can put myself through chasing all those components just to test out two different products in speakers. 

So now, I am more careful choosing speakers with my existing system then take my time choosing different components. I think I know which components I am deeply attached to. 

Feel free to share your own experience. Leave a piece of your audiophile journey here, we all respect the craziness (or nerdiness) with total disregards in common logics. In Korea, audiophiles call themselves mental patients(hwan-ja in Korean pronounciation), who just do all kinds of crazy things to seek for their satisfaction in audio. I want you to join and share this patient journey, haha.    





Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I really love Woo. It took me three small steps up the Woo head amp hierarchy to get to my current system.


I listen to jazz, world, blues, classical, electronic and rock, mostly. But I will admit I can get lost in nearly anything with my systems. I lent my headphone Aurender streamer to a friend. When it came back it was playing some pop collection with stuff like Michelle Jackson and other mainstream  “hits” that I would never listen to. I just haven’t been able to get myself to change it… a few notes in and I’m hooked. 

It took me forever and a day to properly set-up my Revel Salon 2 speakers for optimal sound quality after having to move them from a lager room to a smaller room in the house.  It  was a very frustrating process, but I finally nailed it, and I've been in audio nirvana every since 

@ghdprentice Nice. I always love unexpected encounter new songs

@kennymacc It all pays after all. We only need to keep trying and move components until we like it 😁


Immediately after my divorce.

@sounds_real_audio Ha! When I relocated and was in a 14’ x 14’ second floor apartment it was a nightmare especially dealing with bass as you might imagine, and despite a lot of effort never got great and balanced sound. Then we bought a house and I got a dedicated 24’ x 13’ listening room in the basement on a concrete slab and had things completely dialed in and balanced within a couple hours. IME, and as most everyone here knows, the room is critical as to how much effort is required to get a system sounding great.