Where should the Whale Elite rest?

I found that to plug the BMI Whale Elite into the power conditioner got the biggest improvement. I did try it on the CDP, Pre and Power. However, the biggest sonic improvement is from the power conditioner, then the pre. I don't know why? Any comments?
I have 3 Whales and currently not using a power conditioner. But talkig with other Whale owners who are using power conditioners they had great results. It seems like the Whale thrives on high current such as a big amp or power conditioner if you have the bulk of your system plugged into it. I personally have greatest improvements on the 1st preamp & 2nd power amp and then the dac.
Glen and Rev joe, good answers. My biggest improvement is with my transport. I do not use a power conditioner presently.
I have two Whales, one on my transport and another on my MPS power supply feeding my dac / jitter filter. IMS, the transport is the most critical, then MPS, finally amp. Oh yeah the PLC, I'm using the Shunyata Hydra w/the Sidewinder. It uses a twist-lok connector so experimenting is not possible. I'm sure the Whale would work there as well. MikE
Rev Joe & Mwalsdor,
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