Where to put your best

With your best powercord.Where do you used it,from outlet to power conditioner or on source components for the best result.
Thank You
1.Use the best Power cord from the wall outlet to your line conditioner. That way everything plugged into the line conditioner will benifit.

2.However, if your CD Player is on a dedicated line by itself, then I would use the best cord from the wall to the CD Player.

3.Another however, keep in mind that some power cords are better suited for Front end Equipment while others for Power Amps.
My thinking is to put in from the outlet to the power conditioner first. It then enhances everything connected to the conditioner, instead of just a single component. Also if you have something cheap before the conditioner, it will be in the way of the better power cords that go to the components.

The amplifier would be next in my book. In my case the amplifier is directly in the wall, so it bypasses the conditioner.

Thirdly, I find CD players or DAC's benefit a lot from good power cords. Preamp maybe third, try it either way. (I have better cords on everything at this point.)
I guess it depends alot on what that pc is. If it's a big brute, I say put it before your conditioner, or on your amp (straight to the wall). If it's a 'lighter' cable (<10ga), put it on your source component. If you don't know the gauge, then try moving it around your system to find the best spot.
My best has always gone from the wall to the power conditioner, then my second on the preamp. Complete system enhancement is achieved by using the best on both of these components. I have a lot of sources so I've found that it's the best way to improve the sound of each and every component. My third and/or fourth choices would be on your digital source(s).
If you are using a power conditioner your best power cord must feed it.
Next comes your CPD (or transport followed by your Dac.) Preamp then amp.
Basses upon testing I've done with my tube and SS systems this provides the best resolution and bass slam to me.
Of course everything is system dependent and it also might depend upon your power filtration system that you have in place.
A week ago I moved my "best" from the preamp to the PLC. It had been on the preamp for about two years. Much better on the PLC.