Where to find obscure classical recordings?

This month's Gramphone Editor's Choice selection is very interesting to me. However, I'm having trouble finding several of the CDs locally or online. Amoeba had several and Arkive had several, but there are others that I can't find anywhere. Are there other resources available for finding the hard to find? They are probably imports. Thanks.
Holy cow, it worked! They had everything. Question is, why not just show these results on the regular Amazon.com web site? At least with commentary like, "we were unable to find that CD here, but it's available through Amazon.com UK... Would you like to order that one?..."

I searched Amazon.com UK and found them all and all i had to do was sign in with my regular Amazon.com ID and password and my usual shipping address and billing info came up. it's all there anyway. Why not just tie it all together. Politics and accounting I'm sure...

Thanks for the tip.
I just read the previous responses, I have been trying to locate a particularly hard to find cd, Mendelssohn violin sonatas done by Shlomo Mintz & Paul Ostrovsky on DG. This selection is out of print. My usual source for imports is Tower Records UK website. There is a source in New York called Parnassus Records (www.parnassusrecords.com) that will search for out of print cds, they are still looking.
I recently found a site called mdt (www.mdt.co.uk) and I searched under Mendelssohn & violin sonatas, the Mendelssohn
cd came up as a reissue. I then checked with a source I have dealt with in New York for imports called Rhinebeck Records (800-446-2084) he condirmed it and is ordering it for me. The interesting part is that the cd is not showing up on Towers UK site or Amazons UK site when I have checked today.
I wanted share these experiences, Tower UK is usually very good for things in print and their shipping is reasonable. Rhinebeck is a alternative if Tower cannot get things and a bit more spendy, Parnassus is good for searches, but will only look for out of print items. I have only used mdt as source for locating items as I prefer to be able to talk to a real person when possiable.
Try the Berkshire Record Outlet. They purchase a lot of out of print and overstock cds from around the world and sell them for great prices. Here's the link: