Where to Find Very Deep Dark

I have tried to find a very dark "Piano Black" lacquer to touch up a "ding" in my speaker, but even the darkest black lacquer available via the typical retail outlet (Woodsmith Stores, Home Depot, local paint stores, etc) looks "grey" in contrast to the very deep dark black lacquer finish that I am trying to match.

I was wondering if anyone else has ever had to touch up a piano, furniture or speakers with this type of dark black finish...and if so, where you found the paint...??

I actually spoke to the TAD Marketing Mgr last night at a seminar I attended, but he thought the paint was sourced from japan (he said he'd look into it for me, but I think I should find an alternative source!).


You may have to mix dyes to match that color. Actually sometimes a little dark blue is used to achieve a very dark black. Maybe cheaper in the long run to see if you can find a furniture touch-up person. As trying all the different dyes can get very expensive.
I was going to try this place when I had damaged my speakers but had them prof repaired instead.


Just remember that the finish is is very very thin so do not sand or even polish alot around the area or you will destroy more of the finish.

Also the person that repaired my speakers told me it was the last time so do not call him again if I needed another repair. He said it was a pain in the ass.